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• 12/29/2017

a list of my new monsters

so. like the title says. this is a list of my new monsters.
tell me what you think of these monsters!
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• 11/27/2017

Welcome to Discussions!

This is the place to talk about your favorite topic, to share news, theories, ideas, and to connect with others. The content from your Forum has been converted to Discussions posts, so nothing has been lost.

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Have fun!
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• 8/10/2016

Wordmark & Favicon

I felt that the wiki was feeling a bit lacking in terms of its design so I decided to create a wordmark for this wikia and a favicon (the icon that appears in the tab). It's now Kineticlops! :D
I was thinking of making a custom wikia background too although I am unsure if it really matters that much.
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• 7/19/2016

Important Notification

I would appreciate it if everybody took time to read this. It may not appeal to some of you but I would personally be very grateful if you did.
I got word that some users were using artwork of which they did not create. Now I was aware that some users were using stock images of monsters/animals in the past as well as recolouring already existing images to repurpose them for another intent but I didn't think it would become too big of an issue; I have not been very active to reinforce these rules.
I myself don't have a problem with using stock images or images being modified, so long as you link or at least mention the original source. It pays respects to the original material and while I agree it's a pain it also helps reduce the chances of conflict occurring.
In the instance of art being recoloured I was told that somebody was repurposing artwork by modifying it but without mentioning the original artist. I understand why they did the additional changes since it was their monster to begin with but I personally feel that, again, mentioning the original source and/or artist that the artwork was modified and hosted elsewhere would be a lot more beneficial and much safer. An artist can put a lot of effort into their artwork and I imagine that it would be distasteful to have your hard work rehosted or modified without your achknowledgement.
So please, be aware of this in the future. I am not trying to pick a side or cause problems but I hope this clears things up and stops arguments from breaking out.
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• 7/18/2016

Kaiju conversation

A place to simply chat about anything.
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• 7/11/2016

Kaiju photos

Right hear please
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• 4/12/2016

Roll play training

To Fire of Dawn
Your mission if you choose to except it is to be the second member of the neo wotm fanon community, which shall be reborn as a RP community. If you join then as the second member of this wikia, its time to learn the ropes to roll play.
Step one: Choose your favorite monster.
Step 2: the maps will be real world cities.
Step 3: You will begin with some solo monster in city vs human military survival mode.
step 4: then I will be the monster and you the human military.
step 5: then. 1 on 1 monster vs monster
after you have completed such instructions, we will be ready to begin the real RP which will start as a kaiju life simulator. Post to begin.
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• 3/28/2016

Happy Easter everybody..... nobody....

Eh.... weal to any future generations I guess.
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• 8/29/2015

World domination.

This is a roll playing game. Hear is how it works.
You play as either a monster, a alien fleet commander, or a human military leader with a army, and you go over every real world map in attempt to find and conquer your appoints. Their is no plot armor, once your character is dead your out, and the last person to post wins. Ready?
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• 7/25/2015

The archipelago

Hear the map is so large every once in a while you will have a 7 second pause while it loads, these areas for warning are marked by broken energy pulse wave generators.
Hear their are 7 islands, the largest 3 are at the center of the map, and are compounded into a mesh of existent cities. These islands and the maps are hear as a wonder of the modern world, not limited to country, nor cultural boundary, nor rules regarding geologic land occupation, all the world lives hear as a great naborhood. The largest island of all is dead center, it has in it a neat and well organized mix of bay town, Club Caldera, Century Airfield, and Gambler's Gulch. The naboring island is close enough they connect to it with a 3482ft long bridge, and this island is a well put together cross between Metro City, Midtown Park, Club Caldera, and Tsunopolis. The 3rd closest island is 38 times farther away, the 4rth closest island 484 times farther away, the rest a even distance of 749 times farther away. The 4rth closest island is a cross between atomic island midtown park and tsunoplis. island 5 through 7 have only natural habitat and yet military vehicals spawn at or around them every 2 hours 34 minuets. Any building destroyed will respawn in 52 hours. Also aside from the only bridge the only way to get to other islands is to fly or cross the sea. If you fly preytor will only do so well, but only a fully powered raptros is worthy to attempt this, and even this often ends up in sea plummets. If you end up in the sea, it goes 7 times deeper then the tallest building in the game, hear you can see fish, crabs, whales, seagulls in air, sharks, turtles, jellyfish, land animals in development. Do note the wildlife does not have a spawn limit exept whales which spawn every 4 and 2/3rds hours and none of the wild animals can harm you, though some can scavange your body if you die. The area is well lit water atmosphear full of kelp forests, rocks, coral reefs, all of which are the big part of the map. Their are 4 ways to move in the sea, some monsters have the buoyancy they can mash the jump button to go up, not press jump to sink, while other monsters just sink and rely on method 2, walking on the bottom. All flying monsters can mash jump to go up and can breach the surface with method 3, get out and fly. Method 4, climbing things in the water. Do note you have no need to surface for air for some reason (balancing).
Human activity : The human civilian vehicles are literally every kind of vehical in the entire game, and each island, boats and helicoptors randomly go to and from island as they please, though air port planes stay to a pattern, Their are foot civilians in and out of buildings, they tend to stay in groups to make them selves easyer to eat. 1 civilian human, be it man women or child, will randomly spawn every 24 minuets. Land civilian vehicles span 1 vehicle every 3 minuets with a maximum limit of 7482, civilian boats and civilian helicoptors spawn 1 every 10 minuets, civilian ships spawn 1 every 2 hours.

Human military includes everything in the game plus the police cars swat team cars and police helicoptors can shoot at you, as well they get jumbo fighter plans, jumbo bombers, mini fighters, mini bombers, these as well as tanks and swift gunboats spawn 1800 every 72 minuets on easy setting, 4520 every 45 minuets on normal setting, 10000 every 28 minuets on hard setting. But these are the little guys. Their are also the big hitters, the most dangerous of the human military, navy ships. Navy ships include corvettes, frigates, destroyers, cruisers, battleships, air craft carriers that have a small fighter a small bomber and a helicopter that spawns every 40 seconds and attacks you no matter where you are (including under water using depth bomb) submarines, air craft submarines, and state of the art man o war ships. (the 17th century man o war ship ate 17th century battleships for breakfast, I think its safe to assume I am referring to a fan fiction navy war ship that is made of steel titanium and tungsten mixed that runs on nuclear power and has 8 propellers and big modern weapons.) The navy ship weapons include, depth charges, small medium and large torpedoes, small cannons that fire 4 shots per second, medium cannons that fire 1.5/6th shots per second, big cannons that fire 1 shot per second, large cannons that fire 1 shot per 2 seconds, anti air missiles that can actually target thrown objects, some special attacks, and ufos, lasers that do the same thing and do it effectively team worked with the small missiles, lasers fire a beam that lasts 12 seconds then it steams and will not fire again for 7 seconds, both lasers and small missiles target monsters only if their is nothing to intercept or a weakened one is near by. All ship weapons will target ufos if they are close, ship weapons also include medium and large sized missiles, and only submarines and manowar ships can fire the final kind of missile, extra extra large, this dose 1/3rd more damage then robo47's missile will and also emits a electromagnetic pulse that stuns things for 4 seconds. The ships how ever can be sunk easyer then a building can be destroyed. 1 to 37 navy ships will spawn once every 4 to 18 hours, but may or may not attempt to engage you while on the map, and some times just stay out of reach until navy ships spawn 5 more times
3rd party humans: these come in the form of a sea ship that is somewhere between medium and small, is very fast, actively dodges shots, and is lightly armed with random human weapons. These ships will actually attack other human ships weather military or civilian, if they shoot damage them enough the other human sea ships will sink, but their attack a.i. is like that of a monster, they will try to get in close, and if they do will attually board the other human ship, and if they win they will capture it and it will be added to the fleet. If they sense they are losing they will retreat leaving the map and then respawn, if they escape next time they spawn it will be with the ship they captured, which will then be armed even if it was a civilian ship. If you sink the whole fleet then only 1 will spawn, and they spawn once every 2 hours 59 minuets. Human navy ships though they will attack them and will do so actively will prefer priorities attacking you, just the same when these ships see a monster they prefer to run away while shooting, unless their fleet is big enough they are brave enough to engage. zorgulon ranged special attacks sink these ships easily.

Alien military: The alien military includes primarily small ufos, which can and will shoot both human military vehicles, human police, human fire trucks, human ambulances, ignoring any other human vehicle as well as buildings, but they will focuse all priorities on human milatrary sky ground and sea vehicles. They can easly go under water to attack unlike human air vehicles. Unlike in any other part of the game small ufos have shields that recharge after 20 seconds, and armor that does not repair but is stronger, allowing them at full shield and health to with stand 3 shots from magma's ranged fire ball attack. Next you have "alien infantry" which looks like a 4ft 5 inch tall version of zorgulon, except he does not have a speaicel attack and his ranged attack is firing a ion pistol that turns into a pulse disintegrator up close, climbing and melee is the same, he is 3 times stronger then a human, cannot throw, and can climb. Alien infantry serves only to attack human civilans and human ground vehicals and can only cause 0.4% damage to a monster. Alien infantry spawns 1400 units every 5 hours and is only dropped off by small unshielded unarmored ufos that do not attack, deploy, and scram. Next is the medium sized ufo, these are shielded, less agile, but still fast, and more armored, at full shield and health can take up to 7 fire balls from magmo. They fire both that green bolted ion cannon the small ones have but they do thrice the damage, and they also fire something that looks and acts like kineticlops ranged attacks but are darger blue with a hint of red, and they only fire 3 at a time swiftly then pause 5 seconds before doing it again. If you shoot them down in a way that allows them to crash to the ground, something that looks like a tripod from war of the worlds will pop out 2 and a half times the size of a human tank that will fire green ion bolts, how ever they are destroyed easly. They span in a group of 40 once every 6 hours. The final type in the alien military is the large ufo. They fire a red laser beam like what cerbulons second form fires, and are 8 times harder to destroy then a man o war ship, however keep throwing stuff at it shooting it or special attacking it and it will go down, but getting to close results in getting zapped. These also have a attack that destroys buildings by firing a blue blast of plasma strait down, though recharge takes 30 seconds and the same power is needed for the laser and it can do 1 or the other. Its 3rd attack is tidal wave. If you destroy this ship it will crash, and a zorgulon will come out. These spawn once every 4 days. And only a certan number of things can be in a map at a time for balance, this means only 1 large ufo can exist in the map.
this map acts apon your clock and calendar and after a 10 days of not playing all enemy will despawn and not reappear for 3 days, but when they do it will be max capacity the map can handle with out lag and following this it will spawn nothing for 5 days and start all over again on easy.
If you destroy a entire city and let it fully respawn 3 times the island it was on will spawn a wall around it with a electric fence on top that has gun turrets on it exactly like from Rosdale Canyon, as well as missiles like from missile tanks. although this will not be triggered again for 7 days. The wall is as hard to destroy as 9 large buildings combine and will always fall away from the city tword the beach when a section is destroyed, which can be used to crush a monster it lands on. A large amount of tanks police cars and men with rpgs and anti tank rifles are inside the city. This walled city Easter egg cannot be performed unless you completely destroy the city 3 times in a row.
Spawning can be turned from 1 to 4 settings that differ on each difficulty setting, and though the higher the difficulty the harder the spawn setting, setting 1 is off.
Exept for zorgulons if you kill a large ufo monsters only spawn on vs or survival setting. You can enter the map alone as well, but if you enter alone, 2 Raptros will appear like in the level "It came from the sky" Though if you kill them they will not respawn.

Most important of all, on the largest island in the center of the map in the center of the island their is a volcano, the volcano is so large it takes 28 minuets to finish climbing it, at the top is a area wide enough for 5 monsters to stand on, covered in snow, pound this enough times and a crator will open on the inside a replaca of the volcano in the game, but around this shell at 800 feet snow is still around. If you activate the volcano its effects are slightly less then in the other original volcano based maps, but the snow will be gone, and it takes 40 minuets to do it again. Find the button outside however, and activate it with out breaking its tip off, and the tip will shatter everywhere at the force of 1200 monsters all throwing rocks at once. the lips of the crator remain wide enough for 3 monsters to stand on.
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• 7/25/2015

Sci-fi warriors, Awaken!

What is the latest activity of this forum? is it a while ago? I want to bring it back..... Who will answer my call? And renew this age!
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• 10/21/2013

New background!

Good news! I added a wallpaper used for promotional purposes as the background to add more flare and colour.

JSSnippetsStack.push({dependencies:["/extensions/wikia/AjaxPoll/css/AjaxPoll.scss","/extensions/wikia/AjaxPoll/js/AjaxPoll.js"],callback:function(json){AjaxPoll.init(json)},id:"AjaxPoll.init"})What do you guys think?  I love it! 2 I hate it! 0 Other (comment) 0 WotM 2, NAO! 1 The poll was created at 14:43 on October 21, 2013, and so far 3 people voted. Please wait, submitting your vote...
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• 10/9/2013


For those of you who don't know about this, i'm currently getting the grips of Blender, a free downloadable application that allows you to create 3D models like characters, objects, etc. If you have excellent motor skills then you'll have no problems creating high-res meshes for games.
But to the point: I plan to learn more about Blender. I intend to learn so much of it, that I become an expert! I also intend to learn more about free game-designing software like Unity and UDK (Unreal Engine 3) to hopefully design my own games. You know why? Because I hope that, one day, i'll be able to remake WotM on the Unreal Engine. A high-res remake (or sequel!) of one of my most favourite childhood games! Ambitious, eh?
Click here to go to Blender.org and download it for yourself! :) (Be sure to download the correct one for your PC. For instance, Windows 64 bit for a computer made by Microsoft, or Mac OS X for a computer made by Apple, etc).
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• 10/2/2013

Just realised...

...Forgot to make custom WOTMFWiki wordmark... it's going to be hard considering the official logo's a bit charismatic for Cool Text. ._,
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• 9/25/2013

Article Format Update

Hello WOTMites! I-Is that a good term? I heard of Markiplites before... how about WOTMers? aaah we'll see how it goes. Just thought I'd let you know on an update as to my opinion upon article formats.
I'll start off with saying I consider myself to be a perfectionist and i'm not afraid to admitting that. I love perfecting things to the point they're neat, tidy and accurate; it's just how I am. However, not everybody is a perfectionist, but that doesn't mean they're bad at organising or editing things, does it? The point i'm trying to illustrate is I feel I have been dictating to users on this wiki about how they should lay their own articles out which feature their own fanon content. While I feel my method of cleaning up articles is nice and spiffy, I don't actually have the right to edit other people's articles without permission, even if I am the founder. I mean come on it's outright dictating.The idea of a Wiki is allowing anyone to contribute, but if nobody wants their article to be altered by another person then it's only fair to respect that. In which case I have updated other people's content, but only the article layout and grammar (I haven't edited any of the actual fan content itself, like changing how x goes for example).
Do I truely have the right to correct other user's usage of grammar, or the way they lay their articles? I'm starting to think I do not. I only want to be helpful and I feel I can inflict a good impression on visitors, as they'd be likely to join, right? Everybody loves a spot of good grammar as it's easier to read. Then again grammar [and the English language as a whole) is arbitrary. We, as humans, made it up, so surely people have the right to do anything they want in their style, right? It's what characterises each and every one of us and if we were all the same then everyone would be boring.
So there you have it. Nothing WotM-related but I felt I should let all of you know. Please tell me your honest opinion.
Thanks for reading guys!
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• 5/25/2013

What do you guys think of them bringing back war of the monster to the Xbox one?

Cause if you ask me seeing this game back with the new systeams, and new monsters would be cool.
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