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Important Notification

I would appreciate it if everybody took time to read this. It may not appeal to some of you but I would personally be very grateful if you did.
I got word that some users were using artwork of which they did not create. Now I was aware that some users were using stock images of monsters/animals in the past as well as recolouring already existing images to repurpose them for another intent but I didn't think it would become too big of an issue; I have not been very active to reinforce these rules.
I myself don't have a problem with using stock images or images being modified, so long as you link or at least mention the original source. It pays respects to the original material and while I agree it's a pain it also helps reduce the chances of conflict occurring.
In the instance of art being recoloured I was told that somebody was repurposing artwork by modifying it but without mentioning the original artist. I understand why they did the additional changes since it was their monster to begin with but I personally feel that, again, mentioning the original source and/or artist that the artwork was modified and hosted elsewhere would be a lot more beneficial and much safer. An artist can put a lot of effort into their artwork and I imagine that it would be distasteful to have your hard work rehosted or modified without your achknowledgement.
So please, be aware of this in the future. I am not trying to pick a side or cause problems but I hope this clears things up and stops arguments from breaking out.
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