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Roll play training

To Fire of Dawn

Your mission if you choose to except it is to be the second member of the neo wotm fanon community, which shall be reborn as a RP community. If you join then as the second member of this wikia, its time to learn the ropes to roll play.

Step one: Choose your favorite monster.

Step 2: the maps will be real world cities.

Step 3: You will begin with some solo monster in city vs human military survival mode.

step 4: then I will be the monster and you the human military.

step 5: then. 1 on 1 monster vs monster

after you have completed such instructions, we will be ready to begin the real RP which will start as a kaiju life simulator. Post to begin.

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K gtg2 bed now. CU2marrow.
see you too and shoot the spiders with MINIGUNS
and eleking says: can you make a kaiju wiki?

im the greatdigmon on a new profile!


i plan doing a page for a kaiju for Wotm 2

the the kaijus name is deltasaur

check this out


hi again!

Sorry to keep you waiting, now, lets bring this over hear

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