Amphibios is one of the new monsters, was formerly known as the Kineticlops´s fourth skin of the previous game, now with some changes, is back again as a new monster.

Appearance Edit

It is an amphibious monster of a green color, with clear details, has red eyes, a pink long tongue, small fins on the head and a big one that goes from the to of his head to his back, and membranes betweem his arms and legs with dark details.


A frenetic triphibian monster that emerged from the dense jungles of the Amazon. He demonstrates surprising adaptability and can fight on any kind of terrain. It's currently unknown if the alien radiation created this monster or simply awakened him from some bygone era. His motivations, if he has any, are a mystery to the outside world.


  • Melee: Amphibios attacks with his claws, also attacks with his tongue like a whip.
  • Ranged attack: Amphibios spits globs of radioactive slime at a slow speed.
  • Short ranged special attack: Amphibios loose a yellow lemon blast wave.
  • Long ranged special attack: shouts his super long tongue. This is like Ultra V special attack, but instead of pulling the enemies to him, he hits him hard and sends them flying. Has an impressive range and deals heavy damage, but can only hit one target.
  • Hyper jump: By double-tapping jump, Amhpibios can perform a súper jump, leaping high into the air. Once up, he can extend the membranes between his arms and legs and glide.


  • Amphibios is resistant to electrical attacks and takes reduced damage from being shocked.
  • Amphibios´s movement speed is not slowed down by deep water.
  • An incredibly agile monster that excels at running, climbing, and especially jumping.
  • Has good reach and more health than most speed characters, but has below average attack.


  • Amphibios skins
    Original: Green with yellow and dark green details. Normal roar.
  • Skin 2: Toxic. Red with purple stripes and membranes, green eyes and blue toungue. Normal roar.
  • Skin 3: Mutant. Mutant dark green frog, multiple yellow eyes, blue pointed toungue, hooled full membranes and multiple legs around his body. Low pitched Roar.
  • Skin 4: Axolotl. White axolotl, blue blind eyes, pink details, gills, less pointed claws, and a long tail. High Pitched roar.


  • Besides being the old skin of kinetoclops from the original game, also is based on Creature from the Black Lagoon and Varan.
  • His second skin is based on a poison dart frog.
  • His third skin is based on the Ribeiroia ondatrae, an infection by a parasite, causing frogs develop extra legs.

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