The Battle of the Silverback is the most sought after title in the War of the Monsters Universe.


Texts from thousands of years ago depict a titanic clash between two to four giant gorillas.

It is hypothesized that the alien invaders came to earth not for conquest but to claim the title of the silverback. Rumors also exist that humans wish to have the title for themselves.


The Battle of the Silverback is only available for giant gorillas to compete in and it is held only once a year.

The match current combatants are:

Congar - Giant gorilla that graces the cover of the game.

Sasquatch (Congar Costume 2) - Beast from the mountains of Asia. Has gorilla DNA thus allowing it in the competition.

Mecha Congar (Congar Costume 3) - Cyborg forged after Congar's defeat in the campaign. This was the human's attempt to get control of the coveted silverback title.

Metallic Congar (Congar Costume 4) - legend has it that the aliens constructed him to be their entrant into the silverback competition.


Most Recent Silverback Results: Mecha Congar in 7 games

Congar second place (2 wins)

Sasquatch third place (1 win)

Total Championships:

Congar - 19 titles

Mecha Congar - 14 titles

Metallic Congar - 3 titles

Sasquatch - 0 titles

How to PlayEdit

The silverback title requires that all computer players be on the hardest difficulty. The match is held on Club Caldera (those playing must chant with music). The current rules state that the silverback title is a best of 7 matches. If there is a tie after 7 matches, those who are tied will have a sudden death match.