Colossus is a monster created by DinoHunter2 on DeviantART.

Colossus is one of the new monsters, It is a new model Goliath Prime line.

Appearance Edit

It is very similar to Goliath Prime, but is smaller, with a lighter appearance, instead of helicopters propellers, has two cannons.


Colossus is the newest model in the Goliath Prime line. Built at a smaller scale, it has greatly improved mobility and can go where it's predecessor never could. It was used by the US government to help detain some of the original monsters, but has since been heavily exposed to alien radiation. Now it has a mind of it's own and acts unpredictably.


  • Melee: Colossus attacks with his fists and charge with his body.
    Colossus 2

    Colossus in his flying form

  • Ranged attack: Colossus launches explosive balls of his hands.
  • Short ranged special attack: Colossus releases a expansive wave while spinning like a top.
  • Long ranged special attack: Instead of doing an attack, Colossus transforms for his special, temporarily taking on an airborne form. In air mode, he moves much faster and can use the jump and climb buttons to ascend or descend. Flight has no energy cost and is treated like normal movement. Colossus cannot pick up objects, block, or perform melee attacks in this form. Instead, the cannons on his back extend, giving him a rapid-fire ranged attack that can be fired with no energy cost. After a few seconds, he will shift back to normal mode.


  • Colossus has a slight resistance to both heat and cold based attacks, taking slightly reduced damage from being frozen or burned.
  • Colossus is weak to electrical attacks and takes extra damage from being shocked.
  • Colossus is a very heavy fighter with slow attacks and poor jumping abilities. He is the slowest monster in the game by far, but also has the most health.


  • Colossus skins
    Original: Chrome with red eye. Normal roar.
  • Skin 2: Militar. Dark green militar camouflage, with green eye. Normal roar.
  • Skin 3: Space pirate. Purple and blue space pirate robot, skulls on the shoulder pats, claws and green eye. Mecanichal evil grunts.
  • Skin 4: Silver star. Silver mechanical turtle monster with purple eyes. Mecanical monster roar.


  • He, Vegon II, and Zorgulon are the playeble monsters that relate to the bosses of the original game. 
  • His third skin looks like Lugnut from Transformers: Animated
  • His fourth skin is based on the monster Gamera.
  • He and Wulfric are the only monsters whose special attacks is to use a temporary transformation.

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