Congar 2

Congar is the gorilla monster of the original game.



After his defeat during the first War of the Monsters, Congar was captured by military forces and reclaimed by the United States government. Too weak to fight back, the once-mighty monster was shackled, sedated, and brought back to a remote government base to be studied. For a time the giant ape was completely at man's mercy... then the alien fumes found him. Supercharged by the same cosmic energies that'd created him, Congar broke free of his constraints, destroyed the base, and escaped into an unsuspecting world with more power and rage than ever before..


  • Melee: Congar slams with his big arms and with the chains of his shackles.
  • Ranged attack: Congar shoots sound waves of his roar at normal speed.
  • Short ranged special attack: Congar loose around him, a shock wave his sonic roar.
  • Long ranged special attack: Congar shoots a mighty roar that sends the opponent that is close flying.


  • Congar has a slight resistance to electric attacks and doesn't take as much damage from generators and powerlines.
  • Congar is weak to fire and takes increased damage from being burned.


Congar skins 2
  • Original: Brown furred gorilla with gray skin, scars, and shackles on arms. (Default)
  • Skin 2-Albino Congar: White furred yeti. (Default)
  • Skin 3-Back to life Congar: Cyborg design. Mechanized roar. (Cost: 20.000 tokens)
  • Skin 4: Alien Satellite. Grey skin and Black fur, shackled with chains in his arms, and a Ro-man helmet on his head.


  • The shackles of his arms make reference to King Kong, which Congar is based.
  • His fourth skin is based on Ro-man of the movie Robot Monster.

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