Cryo is a monster created by HyperKeizer.

Cryo is a Combination monster who is the son of Karno and Auka.


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His body is noted for having ice covering him as a protective shield (which thaws as his health decreases). his body is only partially skeletal due to him being frozen in the arctic.


He has all off his parents powers and his own ice powers which include a blast of ice shards from his back, exhaling a freezing mist, healing in water by freezing it.

Cryo can summon his bodyguards Threzino, Deino and Velok and his most powerful ability combining with his bodyguards and parents to form the all powerful Chimera.

Basic CombosEdit


  • Skin 1: Default.
  • Skin 2: ...
  • Skin 3: ...
  • Skin 4: ...


  • Cryo is actually very well-tempered, but if his friends are in trouble he will assist them in any way possible.