Deltasaur is an alien kaiju created by FlurrTheGamerMixel.

history Edit

Deltasaur is a unknown kaiju that came from a rift after two alien saucers crashed into each other at the speed of light. He fell to Earth and began consuming alien fuel and radiation to gain enough power to return to his home.

ending scene Edit

deltasaur stomps towards a portal reactor that is a part of cerebulon's wreckage. he fires a beam. making a portal. and he steps through it. and the portal closes. mankind understand what deltasaur needed to do so they made a mechanical generator to stop all these rifts. making deltasaur able to stay in his homeworld.

pros and cons Edit

pros Edit

  • Deltasaur can fly. This lets the player dodge melee attacks from monsters who are unable to fly.
  • He can jump high, also making it easier to dodge attacks from grounded monsters.

Cons Edit

  • Deltasaur has less health than other monsters; enemies that can dish out high amounts of damage are capable of defeating Deltasaur easily due to the lack of durability.
  • He takes damage when in contact with water, meaning water-based attacks do more damage to him.