Goma is a monster created by Darkdragonv0942.

Goma is a giant amorphous slime monster.


She was created in an unamed lab, were a scientist was conducting an experiment upon the alien fuel collected from a crashed UFO. During the experiment, the alien fuel gained a life of its own, forming itself into a gargantuan glob.


Her appearance is a mix of a slimy organism and a dinosaur. Goma's tail is tipped with a spiky club and a spiked nucleus floats around the middle of her stomach.


Goma is able to spit her slime into her prey's eyes blinding them for a short time for her to attack, her spike club is one of her many way to damage her enemys, she is also able to harden her body making it hard for the enemy to attack her. Another one of her many abilites is to feed off of high energy meaning she will go for nucler powerplants, energy core and even machine type monster that have a powerful fuel cell or what ever powering them.

Basic CombosEdit

Yet to be added to by the original creator...


  • Skin 1: Light red slime, black eyes.
  • Skin 2: Blue slime, yellow eyes.
  • Skin 3: Black slime, red eyes.
  • Skin 4: Yellow slime, dark green eyes.


  • Goma's apearance slightly resembles Togera.