Jathar or Gammalon is the 4th in command of The Emperor's Generals.


He is known for his main weapon a staff with a flail on it. he also has the ability to summon four Powerful monsters Named Pandlon, Gesula, Silvargon and Gordlas. His army consists of robots called Grokel that come in four variations, Pawn, Rook, Knight and Bishop. Also his body is covered in a metal similar to cerublon's only much lighter and stronger. He is known throughout the galaxy for his experiments and tests on living beings.


Before he met the emperor he was a criminal locked in a prision planet.The emperor was looking for a new general so he went to the prision planet looking for one all other convicts were not smart enough for who he was looking for but jathar was smarter then the emperor himself, not about battle but about chemicals, monsters, robots and planets. He was then recruited by the Emperor to join his generals.