Mutant Dinosaur 2

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Karno is a monster created by HyperKeizer Zilla7.

Karno is a monster spawned from the fossilized remains of a Carnotaurus' skeletal structure.


Karno was an ancient dinosaur fossil that was exposed to a solid and liquid alien fuel that is now on his body keeping it alive.


He is a carnotaurus skeleton that is living off of the fuel he changes color with health and energy.


He needs the liquid fuel for energy and solid fuel for health

Basic CombosEdit

Yet to be added...


  • Skin 1: Large white horns that Have holes in them, dark green skin, Some dark brown skin patches, bones sticking out of places and some pieces of rotten flesh.
  • Skin 2: A palette swap with yellow horns, light green skin, red patches, bones in varying stages of decay, some pieces of flesh.
  • Skin 3: A mecha version of his first form all that changes are his colors and that he has eyes that are red.
  • Skin 4: One horn, no Flesh, just bones and eyes, left neon purple, centre black and left bright green, nerves are also seen and and his bones are from several different animals