Wotm2 concept 7 by dinohunter2-d4ziip3

Monster concepts for Kaw, drawn by DinoHunter2 on DeviantART.

Kaw is a monster created by DinoHunter2 on DeviantART.

Kaw is a giant, carnivorous bird monster who appears in War of the Monsters 2.


A scavenging bird from the Argentine that grew as big as a battleship after feeding on the remains of other irradiated animals. Now she's at the top of the food chain, fearless and unchallenged. She can cover incredible distances, soaring over the ocean unrestricted and appearing in airspaces all around the world.

Adventure Mode (WOTM 2)Edit



Her stature is similar to that of real life predatory birds.

Much of her colour scheme is based upon real life Vultures (suggesting she could be a Vulture).


Kaw is rather slow on foot, especially when traversing the landscape. Her large wing span compensates for her lack of agility on land so she can take to the air with great ease, similar to that of Raptros. She is the most aerodynamic as well, making Kaw the best flyer in the entire game. She is also a very slow climber, much like Agamo.

She engages melee combat using both her sharp beak and talons to slash at opponents. She picks up light objects using only a single claw and picks up heavier objects and monsters using both her claws, flapping her wings to hoist them up into the air to carry them around.

Kaw can spit small plasma energy projectiles at a fast rate. This is most effective when flying. For her long-range special Kaw fires a large plasma energy bomb which explodes upon impact, dealing a great amount of damage to any monster nearby.

Basic CombosEdit


Kaw skins
  • Skin 1: Default.
  • Skin 2: Tropical (bright beak, blue + green feathers).
  • Skin 3: Pterodactyl.
  • Skin 4: Dim
  • Skin 5: Firebird.


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