Kila is a monster created by HyperKeizer.

Kila is a heavily mutated Dilophosaurus from the Jurassic era.


He was reawakened by Karno to watch his back if he were to be assaulted. During the Karno boss fight when three quarters of Karno's health is gone Kila Takes Karno's place and beats The player further until The Pharaoh arrives and Calms Karno and Kila down. Kila is fought again by himself, until an alien ship falls on top of him. At the end of the game it is revealed that he survived the alien ship falling on him and the fuel transformed him into a beast that has no resemblance to his former form, then he starts devouring alien bodies changing him even further.



He can exhale a mist that is highly combustable and is electrically charged. He also can shoot lighting from his tail. but his most powerful ability is his unmatched absorption and redirection powers that enable him to use other's power to empower himself

Basic CombosEdit

Yet to be added...


  • Skin 1: Green skin, yellow patches, blue eyes, green frill tipped with white spikes.
  • Skin 2: Yellow skin, green patches, green eyes, plain yellow frill.
  •  Skin 3: Cyber-Kila, pierced frill, right blue eye, left artificial red eye, two tails.
  • Skin 4: Skeleton, no frill, wires holding bones together.