Kineticlops is the terrible electric cyclops of the previous game, in this game, his eye is full of veins, but mainly its fourth skin is now the monster Amphibios.



"Destroyed" by the Atomic Island meltdown, the Kineticlops horde was reduced to its most basic state of existence after the first War of the Monsters. Little more than sentient sparks, they scattered across the country through circuits and powerlines, tiny, harmless, and unseen. Then the mutagen started spreading; the sparks were drawn to it like moths to a flame. Converging on the same contaminated power plant all at once, they caused a massive power surge that fused them together, forming a new, singular Kineticlops.


  • Melee: Kineticlops attack the enemy with his electrified arms.
  • Ranged attack: Kineticlops shoots a electrified spheres at normal speed.
  • Short ranged special attack: Kineticlops loose electrified shockwave around him.
  • Long ranged special attack: Kineticlops loose a few rays of her hands to shock the enemy, if more monsters near the electrified monster, will come out anyway electrocuted forming a chain.


  • If Kineticlops comes into contact with water, any monsters already standing in it will be shocked.
  • Kineticlops cannot be harmed by electrical attacks and is thus immune to generators and powerlines.


  • Original: Light violet and purple with blue pupil.
    Kineticlops skins
  • Skin 2: Techno. Light green and green with green pupil.
  • Skin 3: Lights out. Dark purple with black with red pupil.
  • Skin 4: Organic. Body made with red veins with green pupil.


  • Kineticlops´s old amphibious monster skin was replaced, and now that skin is now a new Monster called Amphibios.
  • His new organic skins is based on The crawling eye.

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