Klauvik is a monster created by LSDKama.

Klauvik is a character made by LSDKama, and is also in several of his other works. This page is about his WOTM Version only.


Having been one of many monsters drawn to Earth by the Alien Invasion, Klauvik joined up with Novus to attack the Fictional Arctic Island Country of Neuungarn.

During his first fight with the player monster, Novus is also with him and acts as an enemy to the player as well. During the fight, the player either defeats Novus first and then injures Klauvik, who escapes, or if Klauvik is defeated first, while Novus is injured but escapes. The following information pertains to if Novus falls first.

Having survived the fight against the player monster, Klauvik was captured by United Nations Task Force 27 and experimented on by them, using their new Super Drug created from the Alien Fuel left behind by the Alien Invaders. They also gave him cybernetics to further his power.

He was sent to attack the Player Monster to act as the final enemy on the Neuungarn part of the Story.

During the first phase of the fight, Klauvik fights mostly like a boss from the original game. Using abilities that the player can't, namely his ability to fly constantly throughout the fight if he chooses, as well as being able to drain the player of energy to heal himself.

The second stage of the fight has him summoning The United Nations Task Force 27 to aid him, including several weaker versions of their previous Mechas throughout the Neuungarn part of the story, as well as ones from other areas that have been completed. During this stage of the fight he stays out of the reach of melee combat, forcing the player to use their ranged attacks, special attacks or throwing the UNTF27 Military vehicles or even Mechas at him.

The third, and final, stage of the fight features him being put into a berserk stage by the Commander of UNTF27, during which he destroys all of the remaining Mechas and Vehicles in the arena. His fighting style in this state is similar to his first state, but his attacks are much stronger, faster and even more rapid. He also gains a deadly set of hook-like blades on his legs that can syphon energy from the player by simple attacks

Once he is finally defeated, he begins to count down to a self-destruct. During a cutscene, the player monster flees the blast radius just in time.


His playable state is unlocked after he is defeated in his boss state, but not if Novus' boss state is defeated, in which a second playthrough is necessary.

Trivia Edit

  • His original, Nosfar, name bared similarities to Nosferu, a kaiju from the Ultraman franchise. But due the massive rehaul by LSDKama, he was given a new life and story.