MadJack's icon

Mad Jack is a monster created by RareWare and the model and WotM idea is CharlieDaAwesome's.

Mad Jack is a giant alligator cyborg jack-in-the-box.

Origin Edit

MJ was created by King K. Rool to destroy Tiny Kong after Donkey Kong saved her, she destroys him and years later Incognito Entertainment gave up on creating monsters because I can't think of a reason why he's in the game.

Appearance Edit

Mad Jack is a giant alligator cyborg jack-in-the-box.

Abilities Edit

He can punch, jump really high, and can hide in his box.

Basic Combos Edit

X-X-X-X-L1 Throws a fireball.

L1-L1-L1-R2 Shoots multiple lasers in random directions.

Skins Edit

(This picture uses a older model)

Trivia Edit

*Mad Jack is from DK64.

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