Magmo is the monstrous four-harmed lava golem from the previous game.


Defeated by his fiery rival, Agamo, Magmo melted down and slithered back to the caldera, nothing but molten rock. Powerless to reform his giant body, he spent the time between Wars oozing through the Earth's crust, setting off volcanic eruptions all across the globe. When the second wave of alien fuel finally descended, Magmo was more than happy to burst from the ground and take shape again. Setting fire to everything in his path, he set off in search of his most hated foe...


  • Melee: Magmo hits the enemy with his four arms.
  • Ranged attack: Magmo enemy shoots the lava balls at a slow speed.
  • Short ranged: Magmo releases a lava expansive wave.
  • Long ranged special attack: Mango released six gigantic lava meteors pursuing the contricant to hit him.


  • Magmo is immune to heat-based attacks and does not take damage from being set on fire.
  • Magmo's molten body is dangerous to touch. If a monster grabs Magmo, they will slowly lose health from holding him. When he struggles, it makes their health go down faster (instead of reducing their energy).
  • Magmo is very weak to cold-based attacks and takes heavy damage from being frozen.


  • Original: Black rock with orange lava details.
    Magmo skins
  • Skin 2: Eruption. Orange rocks with lava details and outstanding fire.
  • Skin 3: Steampunk. Bronze and silver steampunk caldera robot, orange lights, shovel hands and turbines.
  • Skin 4: Toxic hell. Dark spiked skeleton in radioactive green fire.


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