Preytor is the giant mutant praying mantis from the previous game, however, this Preytor is not the original Preytor, is a descendant of her deceased mother, who took his place.



With her speed and predatory cunning, Preytor was one of the very last monsters to fall in the War. Eventually brought down by a combination of fighter planes and monster attacks, she plummeted into the streets of Metro City and burned to cinders. It was a victory celebrated around the globe: finally, a monster had not only been defeated, but utterly, permanently destroyed with no chance of its return. Unfortunately for mankind, she was not the last of her kind. Hatching from an egg hidden in the debris, the daughter of the original Preytor emerged, and just in time to absorb the falling radiation from Cerebulon's ship...


  • Melee: Preytor attacks with metal claws.
  • Ranged attack: Preytor spits the enemy a nasty plasma at a fast speed.
  • Short ranged special attack: Preytor loose a wave of a smelly gas around.
  • Long ranged special attack: Of Preytor body, it goes a giant leech trapping the enemy, taking health for a short time and causing it to lose speed.


  • Preytor has a high resistance to cold-based attacks and takes reduced damage from being frozen, but also loses energy from it.
  • Preytor is slightly weak to fire and takes increased damage from being burned.
  • Flight: Preytor has the ability to fly, however, her flight ability is low.


  • Original: Green with pallid red details, metal claws, strong green details and eyes.
    Preytor skins
  • Skin 2: Queen Ant. Red Queen Ant, exposed wings, spiked limbs and green eyes.
  • Skin 3: Floral. Pink and white stripped mantis, scales, purple claws and details and yellow eyes. 
  • Skin 4: Aquatic. Blue lobster, with yellow details and eyes.


  • Her third skin is based on a Lotus mantis, and her fourth skin is based on a Shrimp mantis.
  • Her Fourth skin is possible based on Ebirah.

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