Raptros is the giant fire-breathing dragon from the previous game.



Unprepared for the fury of the modern world, Raptros was beaten within an inch of his life, forced to retreat and slink into the shadows. Biding his time through the "peace" between Wars, he sustained himself on human prey and the volcanic heat generated by Magmo's eruptions. When the alien fuel finally fell across the Earth he had already grown larger, stronger, and fiercer. With his recovery complete and then some, Raptros spread his wings and burned everything around him, setting off to dominate the world of man.


  • Melee: Raptros hits the enemy with its wings and the horn of his snout.
  • Ranged attack: Raptros spits fireballs at a rapid speed.
  • Short ranged special attack: Raptros loose a explosion of fire as a expansive wave.
  • Long ranged special attack: Raptros spits a burst of fire for a limited time to burn the enemy front.
  • Fly: Raptros can it fly better than Preytor, but not as much as Kaw.


  • Raptros has only a slight resistance to fire, but draws strength from heat. He takes reduced damage from being burned and gains energy from it.
  • Raptros is weak to cold-based attacks and takes increased damage from being frozen.


  • Original: Reddish brown, with tan wings, scales, and spikes and red eyes.
    Raptros skins
  • Skin 2: Cold. Blue with grey scales and jaw, clear blue wings, black spikes and blue eyes.
  • Skin 3: Shadow armor. Purple with scarfs and a silver armour with a medieval deck in the tail, red eyes, grayed purple wings and a mystirous on it.
  • Skin 4: Devil. Red furred Jersey devil, green eyes, grey horns, hooves on the legs, devil tail and burned wings.


  • The Devil Raptros skin is based on the Jersey Devil.
  • the same as the Agamo Snowmonster skin, represents the cold, but remains strong against fire and weak against ice.

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