Robo-47 it the Military robot out of control from the previous game.
Robo 47


Though one of the War's most destructive monsters, the Atomic Era mech Robo-47 was eventually defeated and reclaimed by its American creators. Deactivated and disassembled, its individual parts were separated and shipped to high-security bases all across the US. Until a means to control it could be established, the robot would remain in disarray indefinitely... or so the military had hoped. Bathed in alien radiation by the cloud of leaking fuel, every cog, gear, and bolt took on a life of its own. Gathering together at the site of their old bunker, they began to reassemble themselves... and piece by piece, the dreaded weapon Robo-47 returned to power.


  • Melee: Robo-47 hits the enemy with its claws, which sometimes turn into hammers.
  • Ranged attack: Robo-47 shoots from the minigun of his chest at breathtaking speed.
  • Short ranged special attack: Robo-47 loose a expansive wave and spin around to shoot at the same time.
  • Long ranged special attack: Robo-47 shows a missile, and we must prepare to fire it to a monster


  • Robo-47 takes full damage from electrical attacks, but also absorbs their charge. Being electrocuted gives him energy at the cost of health.


  • Original: Silver, with red eye and american gobern symbol in the arms.
    Robo 47 skins
  • Skin 2: Sovietic. Red and silver with yellow eyes and lights and Russian gobern symbol in the arms
  • Skin 3: General. Black and silver with red eye, spikes and symbols of the german gobern in the arms.
  • Skin 4: Future. White and black, espheric body parts, cylon eye and crest in the head.


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