Shakai is a character made by LSDKama, that appears in many of his other works. This page is for his WOTM Version only.


Shakai approaches the Player Monster asking if the Player Monster would let Shakai team up with him. Shakai, not thinking about what the Player Monster meant when they agreed to it, snapped and said monster, cursing them out and running away.

Shakai, who had teamed up with Stragorah and served as his right hand man, jointly personally invaded the small European country of Kservanya, in addition to aiding Deathrog's invasion of the North American Country of "Eaglestar", and acted as the secondary antagonist of the story, behind the primary antagonists of Deathrog and The United Nations Task Force 27 Commander.

He acts as both the middle boss of the Kzervanya segment of the story, the final boss being instead Stragorah, the tertiary antagoinst of the game.

During his middle boss battle he has three stages to his fight, unlike the usual two.

In the Kservanya part of the story, which is unlocked when 75% of the other locations are completed, Stragorah has turned the entire country into a Crystal-covered fortress filled with his minions and with no UNTF27 Forces whatsoever.

Shakai's first stage of the fight is unique, in that the player monster has to shatter the Crystal Spires that are giving Stragorah power and creating his minions. The Crystal Spires themselves act like Sub-Bosses, having minion summoning abilities and energy attacks.

Once enough Spires are destroyed, Shakai reveals himself, thinking he is acting on behalf of Stragorah, berating the player for "Minimodding against him and Stragorah". He then attacks the player in a typical sub-boss fight.

In the third phase of his middle boss fight, he summons minions to fight for him, running around in a circle to avoid the player. Screaming and cursing at the player character saying "Shut up!", "Stop Armchair modding!" and varying other things.

After getting beaten to a pulp, he attempts to beg for mercy, which the Player gave hum, Shakai (again) showed his low intelligence by cursing the player out for "not being nice". The Player just growls and walks away.

Later on in the story, after the player completes both Eaglestar and Kzervanya, they will find Shakai near the same place where he two first met. Shakai mocked the player and insulted the recently deceased Kujak. Unbeknownst to Shakai, the player monster had just gained their Super Form.

The player monster activated their super form, causing Shakai to nearly faint, then try and fail to escape. The player then bashes Shakai into the ground enough times to make a crater filled with the scattered remains of the annoying and rude monster.


Shakai's appearance heavily based on the character Gamoni from A Space Godzilla, but is much skinnier, male and paler.


  • Shakai is quite possibly the easiest enemy in all of LSDKama's Quintology.