Stragorah is a red, Alien Lizard-Dragon with crystals covering its body that was made by LSDKama.


Having been drawn to Earth by the United Nations Task Force 27's satellite array, Stragorah acts as the Tertiary Antagonist of War of the Monsters: Remix.
Stragorah, for unknown reasons, teamed up with Shakai, letting him act as his right hand man.
Stragorah's first appearance is in the first regular section of the story, the small East Asian country of Tääköchima, where he can be seen from the hub area, flying around the country. He also appeared in the background of the middle boss and final boss areas of said region.
He then reappeared in Kzervanya, which he had conquered and turned into a crystal fortress. He eventually "killed" Kujak near the middle of the segment, as well as severely wounded the Player Monster.
The following information is based on if Kzervanya is finished first.
The player monster eventually reaches Stragorah's largest crystal spire, and his personal "throne room". He gets up off of his crystal throne, scoffing at the player, before firing a solar plasma beam at them, starting the fight.
During the first phase of the fight, Stragorah uses his Telekinesis and Beam attacks to fight the player at a distance, and his basic melee abilities up close.