Is The Emperor's 2nd in command above his generals


He has three forms with one is obtained after Giga Shadow is killed and his armor is still left in pieces but is still usable, Armored Form. his normal form is powered up after gaining the armored and instead of having a chubby appearnce is muscular, tall and slim appearance and is an allaround form, it is called, Shadow Form. He after obtaining the armor finds an ancient set of books and a staff that gives him magical powers but decreases his physical sterngth. Warlock Form.


Armored form: He has a sword that has a blade at each end, an energy blast that is green in color from his hands, he can blast electricty from his fingers, his left hand can has spiked fingers that are used for a wide varatity of attacks.

Shadow form: A disk of energy can be fired in rapid succesion from his hands. his singanture attack the Chaos beam is fired from his arms when they are in a sideways T placement.

Warlock form: yet to be added.