Teidon is a monster created by DinoHunter2 on DeviantART.

Teidon is a gigantic monster reptile in four legs, able to hold an ice fog.

Appearance Edit

It is a giant reptile that goes on four leghs, is dark blue with slightly darker in stripes on her long tail, has two horns on its head and one in her nose, a snake tongue, and plates on its back with light blue detailed edges.


A colossal reptile that had been frozen since the dawn of time. Alien radiation revived her, allowing her to break free from her iceberg tomb and swim to the coast. She is constantly rampaging and never rests. Onlookers have noted that she makes strange calls at night and claws away at city streets. Scientists believe she may be looking for a clutch of underground eggs she laid millions of years ago.


  • Melee: Teidon attacks using their jaws and long tail.
  • Ranged attack: Speets blast of freezing vapor.
  • Short ranged special attack: Teidon loose her freezing vapor has a expansive wave.
  • Long ranged special attack:  Exhales a continuous spray of icy mist. This attack has a fairly short range, but can be used while running and can easily hit multiple monsters. It just barely does average damage, but temporarily reduces the enemy's movement speed and makes them weaker to frost-based attacks. The longer the spray is in contact with them, the worse the affliction is.


  • Teidon has a resistance to cold-based attacks and takes reduced damage from being frozen.
  • Teidon is weak to heat-based attacks and takes increased damage from being burned.
  • A monster with a very long body, but not much height. Her tail attacks have reach rivaling Slogg's, but make her an easy target.
  • When blocking, she lays down to duck under attacks. Melee attacks don't connect with her at all and thus cannot damage, push, dizzy, or stagger her. Dive bomb attacks and projectiles hit as if she is not blocking.
  • Is a poor jumper, but very good climber. She has average speed and damage.
  • Picks up objects and other monsters in her jaws.


  • Teidon skins
    Original: Dark blue with plates on the back and clear blue details on the edges. Original roar.
  • Skin 2: Terra. Yellowish brown moloch, spikes on his snout and tail with spiked plates and green eyes. Original Roar. 
  • Skin 3: Jungle. Green estegosaurus/Iguana mix, four horns on the head, multiple estegosaurus plates on the back and yellow eyes.
  • Skin 4: Volcanosaurus. Red dimetrodon/Spinosaurus mix, with dark claws on the paws, dark spots, green eyes and a fire detailed crest on his back. T-rex like roar.


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