3 months after the War of the Monsters was ended with the capture of the lead monster, the fight in which destroyed the capitol and Cerebulon, and the extermination of the Kineticlopses and Mantisaurs, Zorgulon acts as a representitive of the aliens to work out the ownership of the monsters. The aliens got all organic monsters out of the deal, but Congar unleashed his sonic roar and destroyed the ship he was being kept in and escaped with the other monsters following. The humans and the aliens then race to collect them before the other does!


The key players in this war are as follows:

  • Congar
  • Zorgulon
  • Togera
  • Kineticlops
  • Magmo
  • Agamo
  • Preytor
  • Raptros
  • Robo-47
  • Ultra-V
  • Goliath-Prime
  • Mordice
  • Messor


Though the monsters fight only for themselves, (with the exceptions of the mantisaurs and Mordice and Messor) there are distinct factions.

  • Humans (COIB)
  • Aliens 
  • Mantisaurs