Togera is the spiked giant reptile from the previous game.


Fatally wounded from the battle at Gambler's Gulch, Togera instinctually returned to the sea. With one final roar, he collapsed into the surf and disappeared; crowds gathered and cheered along the coast, and all across the world the news rang clear: "Togera is dead! Togera is dead!" Then the fumes came down. Inevitably making their way into the water, the alien mutagens found his body and revitalized it. Bursting from the waves with new-found power, Togera set off to wreak him terrible vengeance...


  • Melee: Togera hits the opponent with the spikes of his claws, and the spikes from his body and tail.
  • Ranged attack: Togera spits bursts its radioactive breath at a normal speed.
  • Short ranged special attack: Togera loosa a radioactive expansive way. 
  • Long ranged special attack: Togera starts spitting his radioactive breath, burning the enemy this in front of him.


  • Togera has a resistance to heat and takes reduced damage from fire attacks.
  • Togera is weak to electrical attacks and takes increased damage from being shocked.
  • Togera's movement speed is not slowed down by deep water.
  • Togera MI skins


Togera skins
  • Original: Green with yellow scales, tan spikes and red eyes.
  • Skin 2: Mecha. White and grey armoured robot with blue laser spikes and eyes.
  • Skin 3: Ankylo. Brown ankylosaurus, with clear brown scales, white spikes and yellow eyes.
  • Skin 4: Demon. Red demon togera with orange scales, grey spikes and horns, devil tail and green eyes.


  • The Ankylo Togera skin, is based on Anguirus.