Uggilon is a monster created by LORD OF STARS(given to flurrthegamermixel)


Uggilon was once a ordernary aggressive house spider that lived in the house of a family in the forest. The mother of a 7 year old son always told him not to go to the cellar, for in it was a relic from when her husband his father fought the ufos. For he was a marine veteran, and the mother a scientist. One day he had disobeyed and went into the cellar, wanting to find out what was kept secret about the cellar, what was down their? Snooping in the dark with a flashlight he picked the lock on the door that had a singe on it "danger, keep out."

Inside was nothing but a container that said on it "danger, fragment of alien craft, very radio active." The boy picked up the jar when, he saw the aggressive house spider running at him. Startled, he threw the container, it split open and dumped over the spider, causing it to grow 75ft bigger than original.


Uggilon looks like a spider from a old 50s-70s monster movie, often the shots of her being obeusly fake because the audience can tell its a filming of a real spider or that its clearly in a glass case trying to get out. How ever this is just to catch the charm of old appearance before Hollywood got good at their effects.


Uggilon has the fastest climb of and monster, and can jump swift and in a lunge. She punches with her legs and has a 15 hit combo. When grabbing a enemy her animation is to hold them in her hands and front legs and bite or with 2 legs punch sending them flying. Her ranged attack is to launch drops of venom that do minor damage. Her close range special in to stand up tall point her butt at the enemy and launch a 4 second mist of web, this tangles them thrice as long as being impaled. She has no close explosive move. Her long range attack is a extra burst of speed and damage added when she charges her enemy, knocking them back them pouncing and bitting. She picks up light objects with 1 leg, and heavy objects with 4 legs.

Death scene: In the canological script story Uggilon is killed in 10/8/2015 by getting stuck in electrical wires and being set on fire by petroleum. Screaming in pain for 46 minuets before dying. How ever she is a playable character for as long as the player keeps interest in the game, them deciding her story and possible demise or survival. She is great for brawling other monsters up close, though is easily killed by preytor.


  • This monster has been named "Uggilon" by the locals of the nearest towns, so named because "Uggilon" is quote on quote "So ugly that people have been known to die of fright apon seeing her"