Chapter 5: a family of 10.

7/31/2016. 7:45 am The adult female Raptros, one of the original 2, is in the cave in the mountain. She uses her 3 limbed strong clawed hands and digs with ease in the rocky dirt making a hole, scooting the dirt around it and layering it over with shards of stone very decoratively, much like a human making a fire pit. She then squats over the hole in the ground positioning her tail a little past the center. From her body a large egg comes out as green as the scales on her skin. Then, a second, soon, she completes her clutch with a 4rth egg. Her mate smiles.

Now, with the 2 adults, the 3 juveniles, and the 1 infant, and 4 new eggs that will hatch in 4 months and 28 days, the family is of 10. 4 females, 2 males, and incubated by the heat of the summer and the warm earliness of fall the 4 new ones will hatch as male. 6 males 4 females. Although the family growth may be limited to only what mother and father can produce so long as their is food.

As the mother guards the eggs, and the older children guard what is now no longer the youngest, the father sets off to bring home food.

34 miles from the mountain a bus goes down a highway. Onboard the buss are 50 people, all going to a wooden boat show at a city by the bay. One of the passengers sits in discomfort, he feels crowded. The noise. The frustration. The toilet humored jokes. Sad thing is he is clusterphobic, and for a human being living on earth that is a phobia that can never be cured nor escaped. He had wished the whole buss would have a accident just so his misery can end. Hard to believe their is still 8 more hours of drive.

Suddenly, a large pare of red talons grips the buss, claws go in and poke some of the riders, startled the people scream, the driver honks helplessly, but to no avail the buss with ease and beyond any human control is lifted off into the air, a par of strong powerful wings lifting them higher, and higher. One of the riders how ever seems to think this is the most fun ever, the clusterphobic guy is freaking out, and says to him "How can you be so cheerful? we are going to die!" He then replies "Weal we are going over the speed the buss is other wise capable of. Hey, I had a long boring life where I didn't get to live in a non boring way, but now I get the luxury of dying in a way that's way cool!"

Soon the buss is taken to the mountain where the Raptros lands, then clutching the buss with his hand, and walks into the cave. The other 4 watch as the first catch of the day is brought in.

The buss is set before the former youngest, and the father backs away. One of the older children walks tword the buss but he screeches at them, making sure only the former youngest can approach the buss.

She smells food, and approaches the buss looking inside as the humans look out at her, she licks her chompers, and begins pealing the buss open like an orange, the humans scream, exept for the one who claims to have had a boring life, who is more then happy to film the creature that is about to give him a cool death. The young Raptros plucks one of the humans out, she is small, but still large enough that the human is able to slide down her throat with only minor crushing of her jaws and being broken up only slightly by her teeth. One human attempts to go out through the hole and run but she blocks him with her tail, then turns and grabs him in her chompers and eats him as well, but in the distraction 17 humans manage to get out, she blocks off 4 but the rest get away farther into the cave, but the way out is blocked off, they are stuck in their with her. Now comes the hard part, she will learn to hunt and catch them. The one who seems to be enjoying this finds him self getting plucked up, but he continues filming, and even as he begins to slide down the babies throat he is smiling. The camera continues to film as he is taken into her stomach, where digestive juices lack of oxygen and space becoming tight kills him in seconds, the camera continues to film 5 hours after its owner is done being digested.

Chapter 6: Production continues.


As the military continue to train solders, produce weapons ammo and vehicles, at a city by the bay a large crowed has gathered, tourists and employees all at the dock watch as the boats are being finished. Sadly 34 of the busses have never shown up, so rather then the 3000 racers they where going to have their will only be 2540 as many of the contestants where on those busses. A young engaged couple watch eagerly as their ness and her boyfriend are building their boat, a exact replaca of the great-war-canoe once used by the same islanders who have built the mighty Agamo, a fading memory from the age of the kaiju from which it is only known that Raptros has survived, while other monsters are either confirmed dead or their bodies never found. After the race will come a 3 week fishing competition. The woman says to the man: "Dear, do you think Togera is still out their?"

The man then replies "Who?"

The woman: "Togera, out off the coast of this very city is the last place the navy remember seeing him."

The man: "Who is Togera? is he a pirate?"

The Woman: "No, he was a monster first discovered in the 1950s. He's a amphibious reptile, and a very hearty fighter on both land and sea."

The man: "Please, lets not think of such terrible thoughts. The only confirmed monster still living is Raptros, who we will be safe from in the city bomb shelter. In 4 days our wedding will take place on this dock, my ness and your future ness in law and my future nephew in law will be off to collage where they will get into marine biology to pay for their own marriage, and tonight their will be fire works and tomorrow sailing ship battle reenactments. We will all live happily ever after with no monsters."

A random teenager: "You talk a lot, don't you think its odd that 2 people of different genders are getting merried in 2016? your old fashioned! And I have the best boat in the dock, built just like a Viking longship! Your little friends their won't stand a chance going for first place." he then spots 15 girls in bikinis and runs off with them.

The man: "Of corse I wouldn't mind if a monster ate him."

The women: "Oh hush dear, he's just a kid, they only behaved in the old days, before cell phones at least."

The man: "Cell phones, what an idea? If your Togera did show up we could call 911 and tell the marines to rescue us from a pile of kaiju krap!"

Mean while at the military base, one of the solders looks at the list of vehicles in production.

The solder: "What the hell is this piece of crap?"


Another solder: "Oh that? That's a ADATS-s. Good anti air defense.

Solder 1: My ass! Fire 4 shots and then remain a defenseless target until supply trucks can get you a ammo change and a fresh dipper! Lets replace production with this.
2S6M Tunguska 9K22M tracked self-propelled air defence cannon missile system Russia Russian army 640
8 missiles instead of 4 and 2 flack cannons so you can actually continue to fire even with out missiles!"

Solder 2: "Then what should we do with the vehicle we will be replacing?"

Solder one: "Keep them for now, their already built, still more things to fire at those creatures while we have it. But as soon as their shots are fired, have the crew run for it, if the vehicle survives, then it can be reloaded. Lets get to it!" To be continued.

11:23 AM 8/4/2016

The 2 first clutch daughters will be guarding their parents eggs, and the 1 first clutch son will be guarding his baby sister. The Raptros don't have any known enemies who can fight them, but it doesn't hurt to play it safe.

Their parents leap off the mountain cliff taking flight, heading off to find food.

Mean while the military now with working radar detects that they are coming, and order the traffic police forces to shut down all highways to avoid the Raptros getting a insanely easy meal of the humans helpless at the road, a plane is then sent on a corse of their location to confirm a sighting, the closest city to their location is being evacuated to make room for military forces to take up the room of the city instead.

As the Raptros are on their flight they see police cars are running off all other cars and police are building blockades to stop all traffic. Some of the police cars stop and police come out and start shooting at them, only to be greeted by a return fire of many fire balls coming down and consuming them. Seeing the food sources in the highway are insufficient due to traffic evacuation they search for food in the most logical place they can think of, they begin to head toward the city, which is 3 hours away but worth the trip. The scouting plane is on approach at 11 Oclock and gives report of what he has spotted.

Pilot: "I see 2 Raptros, 1 rust red colored, one light green. Speed 1452MPH. Oh God, they got me, AHHH!"

the signal is lost.

11:51AM As the 2 Raptros continue their path 3 waves of F-18s are on a intercept corse at 12:00. As they get closer they spot their targets.

The first wave of 45 get into range and lock on, flying in a V formation. They fire every single missile they have. But the 2 Raptros are holding rocks, and throw them at 2 of the F-18. They see the missiles incoming and both dive down, the missiles dive after them, 2 of the F-18s are stuck by the rocks and explode, the Raptros speed increases as they get closer and closer to the ground, then, they spread their wings and fly strait forward, while all perusing missiles plummet into the ground. The 2 then turn around and land aiming upward, and rapidly fire fire balls into the passing planes nailing 4 of the F-18s, all 4 pilots eject. The 2 Raptros then go after them, easy targets are easy, the female approaches the first one.

Parachuting pilot: "Woe man not cool! You can't just kill a guy who is trying to survive being shot down by parachute that's againced the Geneva conventions, as is burning people alive!" Ignoring him she swoops in mouth open and swallows him whole.

The male is then approaching his target while the f-18s are trying to turn around.

The pilot: "Why the hell didn't we just send drones? we knew this was going to happen!"

The pilot gets swallowed whole by the male.

As the 4rth pilot watches the 3rd get swallowed by the female and the male approaching him mouth open he draws a combat knife and cuts the straps of his parachute, dropping in time for the male to miss hoping to land safe enough to survive, his fait is unshown for now.

The first wave has turned around and are firing their ballistic guns at the Raptros as the 2cond wave of 45 approaches missiles locked, firing all shots at the 2.

The female goes in after the planes from the first wave while her mate goes after the second wave, firing fire balls to intercept as many missiles as he can, does a berral roll to dodge 5 and gets hit by one to little effect, angered he screaches at the planes, using his talons he destroys one, grabs another in his mouth, then turns around quickly with a flip and a spin and throws the plane into one then shoots another down with fire balls.

The female flies into the first wave taking machinegun fire and grabs one right out of the sky, then turns around and throws it into members of the second wave, as one F-18 sees the other F-18 coming the pilot ejects, making him self a easy target. As the male approaches him he draws a magnum and begins shooting at him, bullets bounce uselessly off his scales as if hitting quarter inch plates of railroad steel. The pilot is swallowed whole.

The 2 land by a river as the 3rd wave of 45 f-18s are on approach, they throw rocks at them as they come, outputting 45 rocks in 12 seconds, then the missiles come apon them. the male catches one, the scene shows the inside of the missiles warhead, inside it says "hit detected" and it goes off before the Raptros can throw it back at another missile.

The female fires fire balls at 3 more intercepting them, all missiles then strike kicking up a cloud of smoke. As it clears, the 2 Raptros are still their with no visible bleeding, just a few scratches from bullets and bombs but no injury visible from 240 yards.

They then take a drink from the river, all planes seeming to have just disappeared, they rest their wings for a bit, their scratches visibly healing 0.21% per second. Soon, they will continue tword the city.

12:21 PM. After a good rest, the 2 take flight, both thrilled and surprised to have faced resistance from a species they are no longer use to acting as predators to them. It didn't work out well for the humans, but both with their health and energy 100% are now going to find more, still hungry and with children to feed.

2:21 the 2 Raptros are on the presupposes of entering the city, hoping for different results, 50 helicopters are sent to intercept. But this time, the Raptros where expecting them. The 2 fly in, in each hand a rock from the river, in each talon a rock from the river, in their jaws a rock from the river, 10 shots. The helicopters swarm toward them like a swarm of angry dragonflies with stingers, they try to get a lock on them. The 2 throw a rock at the same time, it comes in and crashes into their targets, 2 helicopters explode, one of which the pilot barely manages to jump out in time, then he witnesses his helicopter explode, then shrapnel tares him up, then he activates his parachute and begins drifting tword the ground, then comes the sonic boom of the rock as it was traveling after being thrown by the Raptros that shot him down.

a half a second later 2 more helicopter go down as the 3rd and 4rth rock crash into them, although one of the helicopters manages to lose a missile. the remaining 46 helicopters have locks and fire all their missiles at once, then they all go up at the same time.

2 rocks miss 2 helicopters, the pilots hear the sonic boom as the rocks barely pass under their landing gear. All helicopters then fire their ballistic weapons at the same time, sending a barrage of bullets at them. The Raptros throw their 5th and 6th rock at 2 of the missiles, the missiles try to turn to dodge but the shots are to fast, it goes right through the missiles, 8 more missiles are then taken down by fire balls. The 2 Raptros fly tword each other then grab each others hands and talons but for a moment then push hard to give each other momentum, as they spread their wings changing corse they dodge most of the missiles with 2 hitting the male and 1 hitting the female, then then both turn and head tword the helicopters missiles trailing behind them, then shoot 4 more down with fire balls, then, they fly right into 2 going under grabbing them and quickly turning around, throwing the 2 helicopters into the missiles swarms, destroying 2 helicopters with their own missiles. They then fire fire balls destroying 2 more missiles loop and grab 2 more helicopters throwing them into more missiles. As the other missiles come at them hey fly spiraling down while helicopters rain bullets at them from above, though the helicopters shoot 3 of their own missiles. The 2 Raptros then land, jumping out of the way as missiles hit the ground, some find their target, and the last one is destroyed when a car is thrown at it. Helicopters fly circles around the Raptros raining them with bullets, 1 helicopter has a crewman fire a RPG hitting the male in the chest. The 2 Raptros then fire their main attack fire breath into the circling helicopters, roasting the pilots alive, burning their fuel, melting their metal, and making them explode.

1 helicopter remains, the male lifts a car and throws it at the helicopter, but the pilot manages to jump out and activates his parachute. As the pilot is gently drifting down the male casually walks under him and looks up at the pilot opening his mouth.

Pilot: "Oh shit!"

The Raptros just stands their letting him drift down, allowing gravity to do all the work for him, moments latter the pilot gently descends down the Raptros throat and makes his landing in his stomach. Pilot: "Weal, at least I landed."

Now the city awaits ahead, a line of defense awaits the coming of the Raptros. A defense made up of state of the art anti air lasers, 88mm flack cannons, old but still good, 20mm cannons, mobile anti air vehicles, a city of policemen, main battle tanks, and most of all, SAMs, a gigantic amount of SAMs waiting their turn to challenge these masters of the sky, the last of the great age of monsters, The Raptros.

3:25 PM the Raptros are walking this time, they walk over to where the city begins about 450 yards away from the first line of defense. Out their as they are on approach main battle tanks fire at them, but they jump and begin to flap their wings going up higher higher higher! The main battle tanks in no time are not able to fire at them anymore, because
their cannons aren't designed to aim high enough for use as a anti aircraft weapon. which is why such tanks suck.

As the military wonders what they where thinking using main battle tanks on a enemy that can fly they then turn their next weapons on them.

600px-Stealth AAA 03a
Laser cannon us navy combat weapon deck mounting

The 20MM cannons fire all at first to far to the left, to far to the right, and to far above to hit their targets, but they narrow it in, cutting off all ways the pare can dodge they manage to hit them, armor penetrating bullets, mushrooming bullets, and exploding bullets all hitting it combos! Then, while they are trying to avoid that the 88MM Cannons FIRE! 8 out of 10 of the first shots hit! As the Raptros are limited in ability to go anywhere the lasers FIRE! beams of light so narrow that the biggest threat is that the Raptros cannot see them, and their for cannot know where to dodge until they can feel the hot intense pain! Mean while solders on the ground are firing assault rifles carbine rifles and javelin anti air missiles at the Raptros. Recruted Rednecks also are firing their rifles at the Raptros, as another gun is a much needed thing. The lasers do not effect the Raptros much, but each second hit by them it slowly chizzles away at their health, plus many lasers hitting them at once. Finally, while the Raptros are confused and open, the final blow is fired at them to finish them off!

SAM Bloodhound RAF Museum Missiles Surface Air - Copy
2S6M Tunguska 9K22M tracked self-propelled air defence cannon missile system Russia Russian army 640
Ge co
SAM Bloodhound RAF Museum Missiles Surface Air - Copy
SAM Bloodhound RAF Museum Missiles Surface Air - Copy
SAM Bloodhound RAF Museum Missiles Surface Air - Copy

A gigantic volley of SAMs are fired into the Raptros, and they are left unable to dodge them. The missiles strike precisely, with out mercy, and not one missing! Massive explosions in the sky like the 4rth of July on several different drugs acholhals and steroids, smoke, dust, fire, pain. The Raptros plummet out of the sky with many of the missiles still following them to the ground, then, after falling from 9000 feet, they hit the ground, missiles pelting them and the ground around them setting trees buildings and the roads and dirt them selves on fire. Fire is ceased, men watch with binoculars waiting for the dust to clear.

The military commander: "Now, lets see what results we get when we let the military do their damn job!"

Chapter 7: final battle.

Mean while at the city the bay heavy traffic is coming in, gigantic gigantic traffic to the point that you can actually tell that this traffic is bigger then normal. Accompanying the traffic is a large number of police cars and Gecko-missile-vehicles.

One of the people in the town says this line: "Wow, I didn't know the wooden boat show would bring in this many tourists. One of the solders replies: "Uh, yah, lets go with that." trying not to raise panic.

A few minuets latter their is the sound of wedding music as the.... Who cares! Lets just get back to the monsters!"

The military watch as the smoke and dust begin to clear, the 2 Raptros begin to become visible. Their they are laying very still, the ground around them very much broken up from the bombing.

Military commander: "And just think, we could have done that the whole time instead of all these wasted human lives that happened before this fine victory. Assemble a team to put their bodies on a barge, we will dump them out at sea."

Suddenly the 2 of them begin to move their mouths as they get up while breathing heavily, they very slowly begin to look more and more angry as they look at the solders. They are breathing heavily, visibly bleeding, their eyes begin to glow much brighter, their teeth begin to glow much brighter, and their hands begin to emit a light. They then ROOOOOOAAAARRRRRR! With anger.

The military fire again, although most of the missiles haven't been reload still. The 2 Raptros take the fire while they pick up pieces of rock and rubble from the ground where they have landed and throw them, 2 buildings are struck and begin to fall, guns on the top of the building fall to the ground as the buildings land on a bunch of tanks below crushing them. The 2 then begin to charge up their main attack flame breath, but instead fire the blast all at once sending gigantic fire balls that hit some of the laser turrets exploding with great force and lighting up the ground as if a oil truck hit. Then then fire another one of these blasts destroying some of the 88MM Flack cannons.

As additional lasers fire at them the light goes through the smoke, and the Raptros notice that the laser becomes visible in the smoke, and their for easier to dodge. The 2 rush in at some of the missile trucks that are currently being reloaded by supply trucks, they desperately try to reload faster as the 2 charge them, rednecks fire at them to try to give support, 20mm cannons as well attempt to pick up the fire, and the missile trucks are then reloaded just in time to take aim at the Raptros.... only for them to grab 2 of them, and they then take aim and use the trucks, and fire missiles from their own vehicles, the male fires at some of the laser turrets while the female fires into a bunch of main battle tanks. The 2 then throw the trucks into 2 main battle tanks then charge in and grab 2 more main battle tanks before taking flight and getting to cover behind a building. 30 More apache helicopters are on approach and fire their machineguns at them, but the Raptros take aim with the main battle tanks and fire their cannons at them, 2 shot down, 4, 6, 8, 10, in no time all the helicopters are shot down. The 2 then come out from behind cover and shoot at some moble anti air coming at them, both aiming their tank cannons at the same vehicle fire at it 2 shots while also firing 6 small fire balls, then get back behind cover. The ground vehicles fire back at them but as the 2 get behind cover they only hit the building damaging it. The 2 then come out again and shoot at another tank destroying it before going back behind the building, the return fire damages the building again. They pop back out and throw the main battle tanks at 2 ground military vehicles destroying them then get back behind cover. They pick up 2 cars and come out again and throw the cars into 2 tanks, this time some of the shots actually manage to hit the 2 Raptros. The 2 then use their main attack fire breath to set the weakened building on fire before taking a huge steel building bar off of it to use as melee weapons, taking flight they sore off to the top of another building, this building 70ft tall and 120ft wide. Some of the 88mm flack cannons turn and fire on the Raptros, they reply by smacking the incoming shots deflecting them right back at the flack cannons that fired the shots at them, blowing those ones up. As a laser turret begins to point at them the male Raptros takes a fan from off the roof and throws it at the laser turret, blowing it up. The 2 then use their fire breath to set the building on fire, creating more smoke so they can see if additional laser fire comes at them. They then take flight going 2 separate directions to cover more ground, going to set more buildings on fire. 44 missiles fire at the male Raptros, who responds by landing on a 130ft building and waiting for them to come, as one comes he smacks it, the missile did not get close enough for the chip to mark it as hit confirmed, and instead the poor helpless missile goes flying into a building, blowing a chunk out of it and causing it to be on fire, as the rest of the missiles come and he begins to bat them away, 45 shots are coming in on the female, who fires fire balls destroying 3 and near missing a 4rth causing it to take damage from the near miss of the fire ball, as others come close she deflects 7 and then does a barrel role, ending it with getting behind a building, the missiles crash into the building being destroyed as if their warhead was not armed, as hitting the building when aimed at the Raptros does not count as a hit confirmed. She then uses her fire and sets the building on fire to add smoke.

The male and female come in to regroup 340 yards away from the current burning buildings in the direction of the wind blowing, as they do the male is struck by a laser, but they are able to see the laser and the female throws her steel bar at it, causing it to explode. 3 more missiles are coming in on the male, but he smacks 2 sending them into footmen on the ground who are firing ARs at his mate, the 3rd is deflected into a building, his steel bar is now bent and has a slight crack from all the abuse. A laser fires at him missing, he can see it in the smoke and so throws the steel bar at it. The 2 land next to a group of swat team and marines who shoot at them with carbines ARs and RPGs, and begin eating them, one tries throwing a grenade into the mouth of a Raptros but it has little but at least some effect. the remaining infantry find them selves bursting into flames. A main battle tank comes up behind the male but he swings his tail and crushes it like a rats skull getting hit by a hammer. The 2 having rested their wings then circle back to everything they had set on fire, and as they come to one building it is being put out by 8 fire trucks that have no solders guarding them, the water and fire creating steam, the Raptros go at the same time toward one trio of hose operators, licking their lips while looking at them, they then reach forth with their jaws to eat them, and they try responding by firing at them with the fire hose. They stop for a moment drinking the water as it squirts at them. Having a nice drink before eating the next corse the male springs first snapping them up in his jaws, the 2 then go around eating more firemen. One fire truck tries driving away while the female runs after it and grabs it, then eating the men in the truck. A bunch of police cars show up and the police come out and begin shooting at the Raptros, who then come at them, 1 car the police try to get back in and as it starts to drive off the male grabs it, crushing it in his hand like a kit cat bar. 1 car fills with police and does start driving away, but the male shoots 3 fire balls into it, igniting its fuel and it explodes. The 2 then use their fire breath to make sure the building stays on fire, and take flight going to the next building, which to has fire fighters putting out, this time guarded by a bunch of flakpanzers and tunguskas, which fire at the Raptros, but the 2 use their fire breath to wipe out the tanks clearing the way with only minor damage taken. They then begin eating the fire fighters one by one, most of which manage to get inside other buildings to hide from them. The 2 Raptros then pick up 2 fire trucks and take flight, going up, up, up, and then 32 f-18s are on their way. They throw the fire trucks nailing 2 right in the cockpit, and use fire balls to take out 4 more, then take cover behind a building before the rest can even fire a shot, picking up a couple police cars they throw them at the f-18s hitting them from behind. As they circle back they throw police cars hitting 6 more, then get behind a building and the shots hit it instead of them all except a single bullet fired from a f-18 that hits the female. Just in that moment 2 SWAT trucks show up filled with SWAT team members with guns

04-ext AP9847 635x375

This is perfect, exactly what the 2 of them needed. Before they have a chance to open up so the police can shoot at the Raptros the trucks are grabbed, 2 fire balls hit the doors the heat melting them sealed so they can't get out, 60 swat team members in 1 truck plus a driver and a co-driver, same number in the other. Just the food needed to feed the rest of the family. They take flight just as the f-18s are circling around one last time. The military commander: "Do you think you can get a lock on those monsters." f-18 pilot: "But we will hit our own men." Military commander: "A tiny little number compared to what they are capable of killing don't you think?" F-18 pilot: "Target locked on, I got the green one." Another f-18 pilot: "Target locked on, I got the red one." Military commander: "I want you to fire every single missile we have at those monsters on that lock signal, don't let them get away!" One by one every ground vehicle with missiles fires, every helicopter fires, every f-18 fires, every ground solder with javelin missiles fires, All missiles home in on the Raptros. The Raptrose fly up, up, up, but the missiles are coming in, so they fly down, the missiles try to continue after them, they then go across flying strait on at first much faster then the missiles. But then the missiles begin to catch up, they turn their heads and fire fireballs at the missiles taking 2 out, then they do a flip maneuver as 2 have at them, causing them to be farther ahead and shoot them down. They then zip down and are soon gliding inches above ground and lift back up, many missiles pelt the ground trying to get them, as their speed increases they then suddenly rest their wings dropping 179ft and land standing as missiles zip past them, firing at them. They then set down their swat team trucks upside down so they don't go anywhere or get blown up, and rush away leading more incoming missiles away from their "canned food". The male then plucks a 130ft tree out of the ground and starts batting missiles away while the female stands behind him. 45 missiles split off into 2 groups and come at her from the left and right, she blocks at they come then swiftly out streaches her wings batting off 37 which explode 18ft away from her as they fly their computer chip counting it as a hit confirmed and the rest pelting into her. As the males tree breaks into splinters he to is pelted by a group of missiles. 102 more missiles come in from all sides about to hit them, but they suddenly unleash a explosion of fire in a circle around them selves which spreads out 288ft, wiping out all but one missile which strikes the male in the face. The 2 now both very hevily damaged and badly bleeding, covered in singes from explosions pick up the 2 swat team trucks and fly as high as they can then they fly at a angle of down and across. Soon more missiles are on their way, but they are moving 3.8 times faster at the moment, then as the missiles begin to catch up they tilt upward flying up, the missiles start to catch up, then, they fold their wings and drop out of the sky, the missiles go way past them. The 2 Raptros begin to fire fireballs at the missiles.... then, the military face a problem..... these final batch of missiles are heat seekers rather then radar guided.... so as they fire at them, they track the fire balls, their gone in moments. Military commander: "Fire another volley!" A solder: "We can't sir, they are out of range, we lost the lock signal.... and, now they will disappear from radar in 3... 2... they just went into a dead zone." 7:44 PM. the male and female return home to their cave. Their children behold as their parents are bleeding, their bodies singed, and covered in bruises, but, they are visible healing as well, at a rate of 0.45% per second now. The male sets his SWAT truck down, letting the 3 first clutch children rip into it, the police weapons barely effect the 3 children, causing them minor injuries but each not even 4% damaged, they eat their meal. After about 2/3rds of the second trucks population are eaten they then save the rest, and the male lets the solders shoot at him until they are out of ammo, before handing the half ripped truck to the youngest hatched child, who eats them as they are unable to fight back. The radio calls for help don't make it past the thick cave walls. The family then curl up next to the 4 eggs, and go to sleep. Just a average day for a hungry kaiju family. THE END.

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