8/22/2016 2:08PM Long have the military tries, but they cannot defeat the Raptros.

The Military commander rewatches footage of his solders attempts to face the sky monsters, but each time they are out maneuvered, the Raptros still have the advantage in fire power, and speed. But most interesting of all, when they try to turn it into a battle of wits, they are out smarted. The Raptros fought not only ferociously, but tactically as well. This puzzled the military commander. Are the Raptros intelligent? If they are that would be strange, as in each of their attacks they have only taken what they need to survive before leaving, more like their hunting then actually at war with humanity. A human certainly would never take less then as much as can be plundered, and a human is the example of intelligence, if these creatures where intelligent they wouldn't merely take what they need like some animal on a hunt, they would take enough to induce the pleasures of self awareness. So, perhaps they are still inbetween, thus explaining why having hands they don't forge weapons and armor with which to face their enemies. Unless of corse, they haven't faced enough of a challenge to think they need to. How humiliating would that be? less then 12 of these Raptros no doubt, and they do not consider over 30 million humans who are able to at any time join a squadron of jets or a platoon of tanks a challenge. But have they been?

No matter, the 2 adult Raptros are on the radar, and this time we are going to try something we should have tried in the first place, something that would have brought this matter to a close with out conflict. Operation S.

As the Raptros enter the main city of the county looking for food, 5000 trucks come about honking to signal to them, fire works are launched in the center of the city along with flares as the trucks make their way to the city center.

The Raptros follow them and see where the trucks are going, the trucks then dump fresh meat onto the street, piling it onto the ground for them, no armed vehicles or armed solders are in the area to imply a feeling of trust. But unbeknown to the Raptros, the meat is filled with Stinite. Scentless, invisible, and hidden.

The 2 Raptros land at the pile of meat layed out for them sniffing it, looking around, taking their time. After about 3 minuets they decide it is safe, and begin to feast. Eating both enough for them selves, and enough to give to their families.

Then, having had their meal, the adult male notices the flag on the pole is at half mast, and raises it to the top. Looking aways, he spots a man in a uniform, and recognizes him as the commander of this operation. He walks closer, but minds his distance when he begins to get nerviest. He looks right at the man, smiling, and gives a gentle nod. Then, he looks to his mate, making sounds so silent only the recording equipment can hear him, she then nods.

The 2 then take flight, leaving the city in peace. The city is undamaged, not a single person killed.

Operation commander: "Sir, the stinite had no effect. But the Raptros are gone. Sir, the red one recognized me from the rest of the crowed. I believe, they think we intended to feed them, and once they got all they wanted, saw no more reason to mess with us."

Soon, the Raptros arrive home, their bodies have sanitized the food to a point that it won't effect the children either. They regurgitate some, insuring they are fed as well. Then, the 2 get to sleep.

The humans are getting closer to finding them, they know the location around their mountain, but not which one.

Mean while, Nasa has detected something moving with incredible speed, moving tword earth. As it moves it is transmitting some kind of communication signal. It goes to a string of 18 islands 45 miles off the coast of a city by the bay. The object hovers down into the mouth of a extinct volcano, then, hovers above the cave floor. A ball with many spikes on it and smaller balls on top of them. The islands at the moment are uninhabited, but only because the bid war for who owns them is still going on.

15 minuets latter a military recon squad land on the island and go into a volcanic cave. In the cave they see old artifacts made of stone, bone, shell, and iron, and cave paintings depicting buildings made of stone brick. Interesting find, not what their hear for. But soon, they see light in the next tunnel, the mouth of the volcano above. Inside, their is the floating metal ball. Its scanning the rocks. The squad leader in his 70s recognizes the object. "My God! Fire at it!" The men fire their weapons, but they bounce uselessly off of the metal. Then, something else begins to come down, something disk shaped and metal with green lights. It turns its cannon at the group.... the scene goes blank with the sound of weapon fire.

4:54 PM 8/22/2016

The Raptros family are thriving at home, the children play with their parents, about the only real activity they get.

Meal while a scientist is calculating the potency of the stinite with the size of the Raptros, trying to figure out exactly why the poison had no effect on them. No reason is thought of so far, for something that big it should have been potent enough, but then he decides to think of another factor. In the beginning all monsters had been powered by the alien fuel, perhaps they can produce this energy naturally when fueled by food as well. Perhaps its effects have something to do with acting as a immunity or a antidote. But the world had long ran out of samples they can study, if only their was a way to get more.

Suddenly 2 solders walk in, one of them says "I would like you to take a look at this."

The scientist comes over to a computer screen. A solder turns it on and says "Now, this hear is a image recorded by nasas satellites."

The screen shows flying saucers. 3 classes of them, the first being the small fighters, common, simple designed, their roll is swarm and shoot tactics all that is needed to devastate a battle field with high speed. Their are more of them detected then can be counted in less then 10 minuets.

The second class is much larger, little more then 1/3rd the size of a cruise ship from game play maps. Their numbers about 540 of these.

Finally their are 11 very large space crafts, the size of the one that had crashed once in DC.

They are all making a B line for the 18 island region their becon has gone to, and don't seem at all interested in going anywhere else.

They arrive at their destination just as quickly as the scientist can walk from one room to the next. They begin to land, setting up.

6:03PM. Earth tries to contact the alien fleet, but at the same time the alien fleet tries to contact earth, for a moment both get a ringing that means "busy signal". Both count to 5 and then try again, busy signal. They count to 5 then try again, busy signal. Finally earth gives up for a moment, while the alien fleet then counts to 5 then tries one more time.

A Zorgulon comes onto every computer cellphone and TV screen on the earth, the Zorgulon either speaks English or appears to.

The Zorgulon: "People of earth, please do not be alarmed, we have not come for the whole planet, just for some resource deposits in this island region. We will not bother you, so long as you stay out of our way and let us mine. But, for every attack you attempt on our base, we will attack one of your cities. I hope we are understood. Again, we don't care to bother you, we just want these resources. Don't interfere, good day." the screens then go back to normal.

Moments latter earth contacts them back, its a UN representative.

The Zorgulon: "Ah yes, good, a reply. So, we are in agreement? Leave us in peace and their will be peace yes."

Representative of humanity: "First, lets make one thing clear, this is OUR planet! What gives you the right to just come in and take OUR planets resources with our OUR permission?"

The Zorgulon: "Are you blind? this mighty army of corse. Truth be told we never really attempted to send our true military power to earth. Just a few waves of fighters, a single ship, a single Cerbulon piloting it and a mobile refueling station. We wouldn't have needed anything else to deal with you but those few hired guns, but then, their was a accident. So, this time we have brought 11 ships, but only pick one area to get what we need, away from your cities. If you want you can come in and throw spears at us if you think it will help, but that isn't a good idea, you will just make us mad."

The UN Representative: "No, we can't put up with this, this is a act of war and their WILL be consequences, if you don't get your sorry asses OFF our planet, in 11 minuets!"

The Zorgulon: *tries to hold back laughter* "I'm sorry, its just so hard to take you seriously."

Representative of humanity: "And why is that?"

The Zorgulon: *tries to hold back laughter* "Because, you look like a monkey who is going bald and is trying to hide it under silly rags."

Representative of humanity: "I Do NOT!"

The Zorgulon: *chuckling* "Yes, you do, you look just like a monkey!"

The Human Representative: "I DO NOT I DO NOT I DO NOT!!!!"

The Zorgulon: "I'm sorry I'm trying to take this conversation seriously but all I can hear is OOT OOOT EEEK EEK OOOOOOHT EHK!" *laughing*.

The Human Representative: "Fine! I tried being nice! Now it is war!"

The Zorgulon: "Oooooh, a bunch of monkey like savages are going to have at me with their primitive ballistic weapons? My, what ever will me and my better guns do? Hmmm, what a pardicament. Weal, I gtg, I rather like the position of your planets star, I think I will bath in its light while holding a fly swatter and waiting for you. Have a nice day, I'll try to lay out some bannanas for your arrival."

9:38 PM the first of the military are nearing the island chain. Complete with 20 large air craft carriers loaded with F-18s. 4 recommishioned cold war era battleships with nuclear engines and anti air lasers to have them keep up with the rest of the navy a little more. 20 Battle cruisers with cruise missiles, big guns, a helipad with a apache helicopter, and a weapon that can use both depth charges missiles or torpedoes as needed. 50 frigates, 40 destroyers, and, due to recent military emergency, a new kind of ship. 890ft long from bow to stern these ships use to be FPSO ships, but have been refit for the areal threat of Raptros should they face him at sea. Its armor is strong enough to survive if Raptros threw 25 cars at it, it has a nuclear powered engine so it can still go 70mph at top speed and make sharp terns with a strong enough power supply. It has 4 plane launchers with f-18s and 3 extra inside. And then, their is its weapons. Its most applied turret has in its center a 90mm cannon for anti air, two 25mm machineguns for anti air also, and 8 surface to air missile tubes. The 90mm centergun uses big bullet shells full of powder, but the barrel is a railgun barrel to increase power. Its second most weapon is anti air laser turrets. And finally, the crew are armed with Javelin missiles.

As the main island begins to come into view with long range telescope all F-18s and Apaches are launched, likewise dots are coming into view, little UFOs, alien fighter plane saucers.

As the 2 begin to clash the UFOs having the better range fire first, their green bolts come in, nailing 6 f-18s but the rest begin to turn. Shots fire into their turning and 8 more go down. Then, the F-18s lock on target, and begin to fire. As the shots come in 8 out of 10 of the missiles are shot down before they can get close. Of the ones that get close 7 out of 10 are out maneuvered. The ones that hit do some but insufficient damage to the saucers. The F-18s then fire their machineguns, 17 f-18s are shot down, 40 out of 100% of the machinegun fire is dodged or misses. Some of the shots manage to do some big damage. 1 of the saucers goes down. Then, 15 more f-18s are downed.

The second wave of f-18s come in, locking on target, they all fire their shots, 100% of the missiles are aimed to home in on 40% smaller target mass, this time to greater effect as now 35saucers are damaged, 12 go down. But then 25 F-18s go down, the limited maneuverability of an F-18 offers little room to dodge incoming fire.

A 3rd wave of f-18s come at them, they already locked fire, aiming for a 90% smaller target mass with their missiles, all targets aimed for go down, 25 bogies scratched, they then fire machineguns into the mass, 23 slightly damaged, 15 heavily damaged, 3 go down.

The return fire then downs 15 f-18s.

Then the swarm of apaches come in, they fire all shots, 35 saucers go down, 15 damaged, 45 take damage from machinegun fire. Return shots then down every apache in 8 seconds.

The ships come into range and fire their missiles, their machine guns, their lasers, and their cannons, crew join in firing javelin missiles and anti tank rifles, the amazing navy fire manages to down dozens of saucers already, and the saucers then fire on the ships, the ships armor at first holds up well againced the saucers gunfire, although turrets don't last all that long. As the last of the human air crafts go down and the saucers still number by the hundreds 45 larger class saucers are on the way over. They lock onto missiles and fire at them with homing balls of electricity, much like was once fired by kenetaclops. One fires at a ships turrets, BOOM! One hit, a turret is no more, their much heavier fire power drains ships armor and health fast. The ships return fire on these, but their shielded. With some heavy gunfire and many direct hits some of them lose their shields, and their armor holds up even after direct hits from 350mm shells and tomahawk cruise missiles, but it don't take long with out their shields that 5 of these are already shot down by naval fire power.

One of the ships lasers focuses in on a saucer, it is chipping away at its health fast, the skilled gunner keeps it on the center for 8 seconds of continues fire, it begins to smoke, but it turns its cannon and shoots the laser cannon, destroying it in one hit. Some one fires a javelin at it, it goes down into the sea.

All around ships are sinking under saucer fire and saucers are going down, one of the ships has had all it can take and begins to plunge beneath the waves, but with every sinking ship the life boats are blasted by the merciless saucers.

Finally, a large large saucer shows up, the ships all fire at it, but all shots are completely ineffective. The saucer beams down at the ocean, collecting momentum for a solid 8 minuets as the navy fire at it, draining only 28% of its shield, it then releases all the energy, engulfing the entire fleet in a tidal wave. The battle is ended, no human survivors, all saucers where just drones, easily replaceable after a few minuets mining and crafting metal.

A Zorgulon comes on tv: "We have warned you" he says "About messing with our operation, behold now, as one of your costal cities will be wiped off the map!"

The big UFO then goes to a sea port city, and 450 saucers begin shooting up all areas anything will try to evacuate to. The big saucer then charges its beam for 7 minuets as the little saucers close off the roads, trapping people in, then the power is released, a wave destroys the entire city. The saucers then return to the islands.

The Zorgulon: "Now we are even, do not provoke our wrath again!"

6:57 8/23/2016. Radar shows the 2 Raptros are on their way back to the city. Their return has been expected, through the rest of yesterday and through last night a team of backos have dug a hole out side the city to avoid damage, the hole has then been filled with explosives. This time the plan isn't to poison them, its to blow them up.

The hole has then been covered over with a layer of steel just strong enough to support the weight of the 2 Raptros. As they come flares launch to shoe them the location of the food, which as they look they begin dumping from dump trucks onto the platform. The Raptros come and land close, waiting for them to finish, and then slowly walk toward the meat and sniff it, beginning to eat.

As they do, the commander of the operation is about to press a button on the remote to set off the explosives, when suddenly the slot spills open and all 3 of the batteries fall out, disabling him from doing so. 1 battery rolls down the hill, 1 is lost in the grass, one he picks up next to his boot, he tries in vain to fin the other batteries. To late, the Raptros have finishes their meal. The 2 step closer to the operation commander, looking right at him, they smile and nod happily, then fly away, having gotten what they needed they see no reason to do any damage.

A voice on radio: "Why in God's name did you let them go?"

Operation commander: "I can see how the 3 of you might think that was intentional, but I assure you..."

The voice on radio: "The 3 of us?"

Operation commander: "Oh yes, the Raptros are very thankful."

7:19 A squadron of 800 blimps are on their way to the chain of 18 islands. Its been a loooong long time since the military used blimps, but the idea is to stay out of reach of the big UFOs tidal wave attack. As the blimps get to where the f-18s maximum range is an island they launch 35 f-18s from their hanger bay, they aren't going to survive anyway, so they will be used for this strategic move. As they get closer a large number of small fighter class UFOs are on their way, just as a squadron of 450 B-52s are beginning to pass the much slower blimps. The f-18s begin to come into range, they begin to lock on to the UFOs and begin to keep those Locks on the battle network computer system for the whole fleet. UFO after UFO is being locked onto, as the f-18s are then being shot down. The f-18s fire back with their machine guns, ill effecting the saucers, soon, all f-1s are lost, but their locks are still in the system. The B-52s come into range and open their bomb bay doors, out pours over 25 missiles per second per plane, as the missiles drop their rocket thrusters ignite, causing hundreds of missiles to home in on those locks, the ufos go down in large numbers. UFO after UFO either explodes or falls from the sky into the sea. Mean while the blimps launch another wave of f-18s. The angry UFOs begin to shoot at the B-52s, the mighty massive war planes begin one by one to plummet into the sea, but first not with out all targets locked being taken down first As soon as 34% of the B-52s are all that remain, 240 f-18s have caught up to defend them, missiles bullets and energy bolts flying everywhere. But soon all B-52s and F-18s are down, the UFOs then approach the blimps, which open up with missiles 20mm bullets and laser fire. But as blimps aren't exactly armored after a few hits each blimp begins to plummet into the sea like its own personal Hindenburg.

The UFOs then head out to attack a city in retaliation, deciding to go quite a aways away from where the battle took place to keep their area of attack a surprise.

8:35PM A flock of UFOs arrive at a city to destroy it to punish the humans for their yet another attack. But, something about this city, its different. Their are no civilians that the aliens love shooting so much, instead just a large city full of mobile anti air vehicles, anti air turrets on near every roof, and helicopter patrol. All hear in case the Raptros decide to attack the city.

The preparation for a Raptros attack has strengthened city, prepared it for a unexpected result. The UFOs and the local military open fire nearly on the same second, missiles flying, lasers, bullets, its a blood bath on both sides. For every 4 UFOs that go down 25 human vehicles and/or turrets are destroyed. But the humans have the advantage, their dug in tight. Better armed, better numbers, the UFOs on the other hand have better training and are far more maneuverable. A main battle tank fires its cannon into a UFO, pieces come off, its dented, but it remains, it fires a shot blowing the tank to kingdom come, the aliens will being done. From the building the tank was behind machine gun turrets fire from the windows bullets bouncing of the saucers plates, men fire carbines and ARs at it from other windows, and RPGs also fly out, chipping away at the UFOs health until it goes down, as it crashes 8 more UFOs show up, firing at the building like crazy until the building is taking major damage, swiftly dodging shots as they come in.

The city is now on fire from all the UFO fire, suddenly one UFO goes kamikaze and crashes into a building, it begins to fall, 45 ground anti air vehicles below.

But the 2 Raptros are back, the 2 work together swoop down and catch the building, keeping it from falling onto the army men, they then lay it on its side and rip chunks off the building, and use them to block shots 2 UFOs fire that would have hit 8 other tanks, they then throw the pieces into the UFOs destroying them, and roar so loudly the entire city and the outskirts can hear the mighty Raptros roar.

Military Commander: "What is going on!"

Operation commander: "The Raptros, they believe we are their allies and their fighting for our cause!"

Military Commander: "Weal I'll be damned! All units, give those monsters some covering fire, and what ever you do, do not hit them! We need them to stay on our side."

The 2 Raptros are now engaged in a fight with UFOs. This is far more dangerous then human military air craft, for while the Raptros can out speed and out maneuver the common F-18 a saucer is fast enough to fly to other star systems, and thus can keep up with a Raptros on the dime. And is maneuverable enough to stay pace with a Raptros. In the end this battle will come don to best durability and fire power.

The 2 Raptros fire their machinegun like fire ball attack into a single ufo, it surcomes to the fire power and explodes.

A UFO comes to the side and begins shooting at the female, but a helicopter comes and begins shooting at the UFO with its machine guns and it goes down, the Raptros see the humans are returning the favor as allies, and continue to try to avoid human casualties.

They then both fly up to get one of the UFOs but it keeps jumping out of their reach while shooting at them, but at last, the male manages to grab it, and as the 2 are in flight, the female fires 5 fire balls into a saucer after which the male shoots it with a green bolt of energy from the UFO in his hands, after which 2 more fire balls hit and the saucer explodes.

The male then fires 3 bolts into another saucer, it to explodes. The female swoops down and lands, picking up a car that is parked by a building no one is using, she picks it up and throws it, striking a UFO.

The male continues to fire UFO shots at UFOs until he is out of ammo, and he then throws it at another UFO. Soon, with the combined effort of human military and the Raptros the UFOs retreat. The Raptros roar victoriously, and then take flight, leaving the humans to repair the city.

Chapter 2: The Family Pet.

After battle the 2 Raptros have returned home to their cave with their children. the 3 oldest, the one younger, and the 4 unhatched eggs are all soon gathered together. The adult male begins making monster noises, but it shows subtitles for what he is saying.

Adult Male Raptros: *monster noises* "Family, listen close, no more will we have to eat humans to survive. They are smart enough to understand what we really needed all along, and twice they have made offerings. Breakfast today, and dinner yesterday, they where offerings given to us by the humans, and we have excepted them. And today, we now have seen why the humans want our friendship. We have a common enemy, the aliens are invading our planet, your mother and I must face this threat."

One of the 3 oldest: *monster noises* "Dad, let I and my sisters fight them with you, we are worthy. You don't have to face them alone."

The others stretch their wings roaring in agreement to look tough.

The father: *monster noises* "No, your not yet ready for a threat this epic. These aliens are the strongest enemies we have. Look after your younger siblings while we are gone, fight them if they try to get in, but stay hear. Your mother and I will patrol the territory, be on your best behavior."

The Mother: *Monster noises* "I am ready, lets go!"

11:33 AM

The military commander watches as the construction teams clean up after the attacks. When a officer approaches him: "Sir, the Raptros are on the move again."

The Military Commander: "I bet they want lunch about now, lets make sure they stay on our side. Gather cows, live ones, we will give them fresh meat. No tricks this time, no poison, no bombs, after all they may have been our enemy at one point, but fact is they where just hungry, they stop attacking us when we feed them.

Cows are gathered, their put on leashes out side the city at the closed off entry highway. 800 cows. As the 2 Raptros come tword the city to see how its fairing flares are launched into the sky, signaling them to the cows. They come, landing, slowly walking up to them, the now frightened creatures begin to panic as they come. The 2 Raptros feast, eating the cows fresh and alive. As expected, they are much happier with this much more luxurious gift.

Seeing the uniform, the adult male Raptros recognizes the military commander, he looks at him, and begins to approach, the man shows no fear what so ever, so the male comes with in feet, and looks at him head only 25 feet away.

The military commander: "With food granted, you see no reason to harm me do you?"

The Raptros: *gentle monster noises*

The Military Commander: "You see me as a ally, because your instincts tell you we fight the same enemy, am I right?"

The Raptros: *gentle monster noises*

The Military Commander: "Perhaps your kind and mine started off on the wrong foot. I understand now, you where only doing what you had to do to survive."

Suddenly, a city 9 miles from hear, next to the ocean and 3 times larger is under attack by the UFOs. A distress call is sent to the military in this city.

The Military Commander: "Ok Raptros, I got a job for you. Follow us."

He fearlessly walks to his helicopter, gets in a passenger seat and commands the pilot to take flight, ground vehicles begin to follow the helicopters though they are quickly getting left behind by the faster areal vehicles. The military commander looks back at the Raptros watching them, he gets a flare launcher, and fires it into the air, the 2 Raptros getting the message then follow the helicopter, going where it goes.

Mean while, at the coastal city, 12 destroyers and 8 frigates are 1780ft from the beach, facing broadside they use their guns to fire at the UFOs as they come, tanks and other ground vehicles are lined up on the beach and on the streets behind the beach, they to open fire at the UFOs, trying to keep them away. 450 helicopters head out to face them at sea, hoping to slow them down.

The UFOs come in hot, speed, 3400mph, opening fire on the ships first as they come. Missiles fly at them, some manage to strike, downing some. Lasers prove effective over time, but the sheer number of UFOs proves to much a problem. Soon, one of the destroyers begin to sink. One has lost all its guns, the helicopters try to stop them but for every 1 missile they fire 25 helicopters are already shot down. Soon, the UFOs have crossed over to where they are over the city as well as over the sea. They begin firing on the tanks and ground units. Buildings are beginning to catch fire under the intense UFO attack.

Then, 375 more helicopters begin to arrive, and with them, hope for victory, the 2 Raptros. Apon seeing the UFOs the 2 land on the top of a 500 FT building, stretching their wings, and they ROOOAAAAAOOAAAAAARRRRRRRRR at the UFOs, both grab the 2 generators off the top, and fire bolts into the UFOs, destroying 2, then they throw the generators, now 4 destroyed, they then grab 2 radio antenna and leap off the building roaring, they stretch their wings and glide, then throwing both their shots, 6 kills. But the aliens don't take kindly to this, all UFOs begin to concentrate their fire apon the Raptros, the 2 decide to split up, going opposite ways both with UFOs hot on their heels.

The male going south turns and takes cover behind a building, the UFOs begin to turn corner as well, rooky mistake, he turns and smacks 3 with his tail turning around and biting another, then picks up a car and throws it into another UFO, then wiping out 15 with his fire breath.

The female with many close behind shooting at her lands next to a heavily damaged building, one of the frame bars is sticking out of the building, she grabs it, yanking it with ease the rest of the way out and uses it to smack the persuading UFOs. Their dodging abilities prove a difficult 7 out of 10 attempts to strike them evaded, she takes his, but at last all 35 of the persuading UFOs are down.

She hears her mate calling out to her, understanding his plan she goes east running fast down the road, picks up 1 piece of rubble in her right hand, one in her left, one in her jaws, then heads south, and arrives at a street that goes west, taking cover, waiting.

He comes by, 18 UFOs on hot pursuit, she throws 1, 2 3 pieces of the rubble then fire balls, 4 UFOs destroyed, then a 5th is destroyed, they continue to pursue him, he turns his head and fires fire balls destroying a 6th.

He then calls to his mate as he turns corner, she turns and they head right for each other, as they come tword him she cuts them off, grabbing one with her hind talons and flips throwing it two others at the same time. As she spins into the other 2 with her wings and arms taking out 2 more. The 2 Raptros fly in opposite directions then both turn west, coming in on each other meeting in the middle, they land on a 248 ft tall building, looking around.

With their help the military is doing better, but not perfectly, helicopters still get shot down, tanks are still easy targets, only 5 sea ships remain and one is sinking, but now their are 45 larger UFOs coming. The male swoops down and grabs 2 pieces of rubble, and comes back up, throwing the first at one of the larger ones, its shield flickers, but the shield was only able to take one hit, he then throws a second piece, striking critically, it has taken 95% damage. he then shoots fire balls at it, in only 3 fire balls its finished off and explodes, the other shots wiz past its falling pieces.

The 2 take flight, one goes north the other east, however the number of UFOs is increasing, now each has 422 on one another. Another 833 are after the military, shots are striking the Raptros relentlessly.

Using what energy they have left, they begin to flee the battle, having now taken so many hits they are visibly bleeding. They try to lead the UFOs away from their human allies. As they flee the 2 do a barrel roll grabbing 2 of the saucers that pursue them, they try to ignore the ones behind them and instead fire UFO shots at the ones on the left right and in front of them. Out numbered and out gunned the Raptros fly off, one of them loses a drop of blood that falls right into the mouth of the military commander who is currently on the ground. He looks up, and watches as the 2 Raptros fly, speed 1450mph, height 2300ft.

Military Commander: "Cowards, they get a little hurt and then they run away hoping to go find somewhere to heal. No matter, we won't need them anymore anyway. *gets on coms* Alright boys, he is ready, bring him in. And be carful, the paint is still drying."

4 Chinook choppers come in with ropes attached to a crate, they gently set the crate down, vehicles come in an begin opening it, reveling what is inside.

Chapter 3: Robo-47 To The Rescue.

At the very last second the 2 Raptros are in range of eye view the Robo-47 comes out of the crate, in his hand he holds a M16-A4. A old weapon, but still perfectly good. Its ammo, 15 total magazines of 56mm tungsten-carbon-alloy bullets, for maximum armor penetration. He opens fire, one UFO destroyed, 1/9th the magazine was all it took. Then he fires again, taking 3 shots but taking down a second, 2/9ths the magazine used. The UFOs begin to buzz around him, giving him no room to take cover, giving it all they got. 35 tanks come in on the left 35 on the right to assist giving cover fire, men with javelin missiles join in. He extends his drill claw and melees 2 ufos in a single swipe, they break into pieces and fall into the street. Then he continues firing at them with his 56mm M-16. Some of the larger ones are coming across the beach, for a moment he ignores the smalls firing on him and arms a missile, locking onto a medium, and firing. Before 12 inch guns didn't 1 hit them, nor did a tomahawk cruise missile 1 hit them, but robo-47s cruise missile is 12 times as strong as a tomahawk cruise missile, 1 hit and the saucer's shields are downed and its armor penetrated, it explodes.

He then turns his attention back to the small saucers, firing into them until he runs out of ammo, he then throws the M-16 hitting a medium, its shields go down, he fires on it with his chest gun until it explodes as well. The UFOs continue to fire until the Robo-47 begins to smoke, and have trouble standing, but it continues to fight, picking up a piece of rubble it throws it into a UFO striking it out of the sky.

Then, the 2 Raptros begin to come back into eye view, closer and closer they come, none of the perusing UFOs that went with them have come back. Their bleeding has mostly stopped but they are feeling somewhat better. the 2 throw 4 objects, it is unclear what kind, the objects strike 4 UFOs, knocking them from the sky.

Then, as they are in the air, they spot something. The male swoops down and picks up a jeep with a driver a passenger and a gunner, lifting it up the 3 solders begin to freak out. Then, he flies tword the sea, the 3 solders see a Large UFO. One of the 11 huge ones. He points at it, then flies down and gently puts the jeep on top of a 874ft tall building, landing on it as well he cries out to his mate, who calls back to him, then she calls to some vehicles on the ground.

Jeep driver: "Sir! We have a large UFO I repeat, a Large one, its heading this way!"

The female Raptros swoops down and picks up a main battle tank, confused a second tank begins to aim at her, but then is ordered to hold their fire. The female then flies to the top of a 911ft tall building, and places the tank on the roof, then landing on top of it to rest her wings a moment.

The male then flies down picking up a Gecko class mobile anti air truck, taking it to to the roof.

A solder on coms: "Sir, why are they doing that?"

Military Commander: "Because, soon this entire city is going to be under water."

Mean while the Robo-47 is on the ground struggling to get back up, with some of his remaining strength he grabs a metal pole off the ground, throwing it into a UFO.

The big saucer arrives, anyone who is still on the ground is on their own now. 842ft off the coast where the sea ships are now all sunk the saucer begins to send down its beam. The 2 Raptros pick up the Robo-47 in their talons then fly to the top of a 700ft building with 3 cars each, and begin to throw them at the saucer, but it seems to have no effect, then they pick up the 2 radio antenna and throw it as well, the robo-47 then arms a missile and launches it into the giant saucer, nothing appears to effect it. The saucer releases its energy, a massive tidal wave wipes out what ever is still unfortunate enough to be on the ground. One of the things that wash up on the shore, a chunk of one of the destroyers, remains once the wave washes back out to sea.

One of the small saucers comes in, but the female Raptros grabs it and throws it at the large one. Helicopters and tanks on the roofs also begin to fire at it. The male swoops down and picks up the chunk of ship in both hands, just as the big saucers gun comes out, and takes aim at him, it fires a green bolt, which goes through him like a hot knife on butter, he roars in pain but takes it. He then throws the chunk of navy ship hitting the big saucer, taking out its gun, he then picks the chunk up again, throwing it into the saucer, then again, as the female Raptros fires a very large fire ball, helicopters fire missiles into the thing, tanks fire shells, the chunk of ship cracks to pieces as it hits the large UFO a 3rd time, then, the Robo-47 arms his last missile, firing into the big UFO, striking it, while firing his chest machine gun. Still to heavily damaged to move.

The big UFO goes down, crashing into the beach. The first 1 out of 11 down. But then it opens up, and out steps a gigantic machine.

Chapter 3: The First Boss Fight.

The massive war machine steps out, and it joins its hands together, and fires a super death beam red laser at the male Raptros, he is strike exposed to it for 3 seconds, but then takes cover behind a building, the building is penetrated and he is struck again for half a second, he cries out in pain. His mate, angered to see him harmed, glides down and dive bombs the war machine while its shields are down, but as she flies away it recovers and fires its laser at her while she is in the air, she takes a hit for 5 seconds but then gets behind a building. The 2 Raptros, heavily damaged from all the fire power, with not much life left at this point, have no choice but to retreat, flying away from the city, just hoping the military can handle this on their own.

Coming into range, a battleship, 2 destroyers, a frigate, and 3 corvettes see the massive alien war machine. It fires on a squadron of helicopters, taking out 45 in a single beam. As it sits down to recharge, the battleship fires all 9 of its 20inch guns, 4 tomahawk cruise missiles, the destroyers fire their weapons as well, as does the frigate and the corvette. 8/10s of their shots hit before the shields are back on, doing at least decent damage. It then comes online, and fires its laser at the battleship. The battleship times it right and fires its tomahawk cruise missiles as the laser is hitting it, the very extent of the beams power causes it to be at 98.99% damage. As soon as it rests the missiles hit it, but then when it gets up it finishes off the battleship in 1/34rth a second of hitting it, it explodes massively, the beam then destroys a destroyer, and a corvette, then slightly damages a frigate.

35 Main battle that have survived the tidal wave tanks join in opening fire on it as it rests, but it ignores them, and finishes off the fleet with a 3rd and final beam, then the 35 tanks fire at it, but as it gets up, it begins to walk toward them, their unable to damage it with its shield up, no matter what. Their crushed under foot.

Then, a harrier fires its machine gun at it from 4500 yards, getting it to fire its beam before flying in evasive patterns. It manages to escape 8 seconds of the beam due to the skill of the pilot, but then the beam strikes, though the pilot ejects and the beams near miss causes fatal burns and he loses consciousness.

But, as the shields lower, the Robo-47 on the top of the building crawls off, falling to aim for the enemy he extends his head and hand drills, landing on the machine, then proceeds to extend his hammer and pound.

This brings the machine to a amount of damage that causes it to fall over, then it breaks away, and a smaller and faster war machine comes out, and fires its lightening attack into the Robo-47. The Robo-47 goes limp, ceasing to continue to move, its light goes out.

The 2 Raptros come back, they begin working together to keep the thing distracted, thankfully its weapon is short ranged. So as one stands way off in the distance, the other hides behind a building waiting. As the machine approaches one Raptros, the other can see that the machine is next to a 1240ft building.... and throws a piece of rubble at it. The building comes crashing down apon the alien war machine, cracking through, crushing it.... The 2 Raptros Roar in Victory! Believing the job to be done they fly away again, leaving the city. Less then 200 military personnel remain alive, all UFOs are shot down, the big UFO and its pilot defeated....

All is now silent.

Then, the alien war machine begins to make its last efforts to move, the building is being broken up, the machine begins to crawl out of the crack in the building.... then, the machine stops moving.... permanently....

5 minuets pass

then, from the glass looking part of the machine, something begins to break out. Out comes, a Zorgulon!

He steps onto the street, and picks up a steel building bar. With no one to stop him, the Zorgulon begins to head deeper in land, looking for a fight.

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