Chapter 4: Zorgulon Down But Not Out.

8/27/2016 12:32 PM.

The Zorgulon has lost his ship, lost his land vehicles, but he still has his armor and weapons. He has retreated into the forest where for a while the military has lost track of him, not that the military is in any condition to continue fighting the aliens after their recent battles. Though he is 120ft tall many of the trees are still 2 and 1/4rth times his size, exactly his size, or even close to his size, but he manages to gently brush through them with out causing very much destruction, as making a path would make him to easy to track. Due to the long time with out rain he is even able to step lightly to avoid making foot prints, and even manages to walk silently to keep any possible forest hunters from hearing him. But he is not coming out hear to hide, though he is trying to avoid raising alarm to find his right moment to strike, he is looking for the Raptros home, so he can call reinforcements to come aid the assassination of the monster that caused the 2 human victories.

Mean while the Robo-47 has been brought to a local dry dock in the city by the sea, designed for repairing ships, but, it is the right size for him to fit. Repairs are being made. The military is currently down to 32% what it once was, but, at a military base 5 other Robo-47s wait fully constructed, soon the human military will be able to have some of their victories even with out the Raptros.

The Raptros are doing well at home, taking care of the children while taking turns sitting at the cliff side watching for any danger.

1:37 PM The Zorgulon has, as is impossible not to do in the forests of the modern world, happened apon a highway. Hundreds of thousands of cars drive across every 8 minuets, allowing tens of witnesses per second. 450 people have already called 911. But the Zorgulon decides to embrace this human bravery in daring to call in the military, and he just sits beside the road, waiting for them to show up. Fastest thing that manages to arrive are 500 helicopters coming in in formation but the Zorgulon simply fires a homing beckon, 50 UFOs arrive to deal with them, having better speed and maneuverability this fight is surly already won. The helicopters try but they can't seem to get a lock on their targets, as they jump around to much, and instead try to simply fire machinegun at them.

Mean while the Raptros can hear the sound of gunfire echoing throughout the mountains.

The Zorgulon can hear a sonic boom approaching, something large. As the last of the helicopters are destroyed, the Zorgulon retreats back into the forest hiding in the foliage, the 2 Raptros arrive and begin to look around. But all they find are the smoldering remains of helicopters. So they begin to turn back, heading home.

The Zorgulon, cloaking and in range, fires a homing beckon, it hovers above the male Raptros, following him from above and the 2 don't even notice, he stays hidden and waits for the pair to return home so the rest of the fleet can find them. Mission complete.

Chapter 5: Attacked at home.

The 2 Raptros return home and walk into the cave, the female turns to look at her mate.....then notices.... how unobservant of them, theirs this thing hovering above her mate. She picks up a steel building bar off the cave floor collected and placed their long ago. She makes noises to him gently, he lays down on his belly and holds still. She strikes the weird looking floating object, SMACK! It goes flying out the cave door zipping far far out of sight. He hasn't even noticed, and is unsure what that sound was.

She then walks closer and begins gently scratching his back with her claws, and begins licking him. Grooming him efectionetly, he holds still and enjoys it. She nuzzles him, much like a cat nuzzling someone who has petted it. He then lays his muzzle on her shoulder.

8/29/2016 10:49 AM

The Zorgulon approaches the Raptros cave entry in the mountains, he climbs the cliff edge then peeks up and looks into the cave, inside their is a truck, no other sighs so far.... wait, Raptros footprints in the snow, fresh. Markings on the walls next to the cave from claws, scratches likely left as a territory marking. And what is this... the sound of Raptros inside, perhaps talking to each other. This is the place alright!

The Zorgulon stays on the ledge below the cliff near the cave entry cloaking, on his wrist a device with a screen, he contacts all 10 of the other Large UFO pilots, 5 other Zorgulons and 3Cerbulons. He speaks to them in his tong, they reply. The Raptros are unaware what is about to happen.

11:44 AM a Large UFO comes in to attack the city nearest the mountains, escorted also by 350 small UFOs and 45 large UFOs. On every TV screen in the city a image of a Zorgulon comes on, speaking to the public.

"People of earth, all we wanted was to mine resources on the uninhabited islands away from your cities, and we would not have bothered you. But you insist on attacking us, and you are putting up a far better fight then expected."

One of the viewers replies "Better fight then expected? what are you talking about? where getting our butts kicked left and right!"

Creepily the Zorgulon replies to this: "Ah, but we are actually taking heavy casualties, I hardly expected to take any at all. But you continue to tic us off, and humiliate us twice as we try to punish you for your insolence. This time we are not going to be sugar coating our attacks, watch as your pathetic city is mercilessly destroyed, and every last man women and child with it. These small skirmishes have gone far enough! Time for all out war!"

The message ends, and the large UFO beams down a alien heavy laser vehicle, and from the heavy laser vehicle a tripod vehicle steps out. Then, a 2cond Zorgulon steps out of this vehicle. All 3 crafts begin their attack, the Large UFO arms a cannon and begins firing green beams at the buildings even more powerful then the laser ground vehicles attacks buildings as well, the giant laser firing vehicle begins its attacks, the tripod like final vehicle uses its electric attack on buildings, the Zorgulon picks up a swift truck and throws it into a building, and finally, the medium and small UFOs begin firing at the cars and people.

The Zorgulon: "And for the record, we could have had a attack like this commenced on every city on your planet from your calendars 1950s to today the whole time! No need to thank us for going easy on you all this time!"

Mean while the 2 Raptros can sense a disturbance, they nuzzle their 3 oldest children before taking flight and leaving the mountain, The Zorgulon then executes the next phase in the plan. He begins to go into the cave, he is only going to be the first, as they plan to set up an ambush for when they get back and insure their victory should they not manage to kill them in the battle their will be in the city. But little does the Zorgulon know, he isn't the only one in this cave just because those 2 have left.

The Zorgulons red eyes glow in the dark allowing him vision, as he ventures in, he sees quite a collection of items in hear, cars, rubble, rocks, building props of many different kinds, mostly weapon type, others usable as a weapon. The cave goes deep, having many choice in tunnels. Then, he hears the sound of 3 growls, 3 pairs of eyes glow in the dark. He is engaged in a battle with 3 young Raptros. This should be easy.

12:33 AM most of the city is destroyed. But finally, the military has arrived! 6. Count them, SIX Robo-47s arrive on the front line, engaging the larger threats the Zorgulon and the 3 biggest vehicular threats. Mean while the tanks and helicopters will try to hold off the small and medium UFOs.

Imedeantly the Zorgulon launches a beckon at one of the Robo-47s causing 45 more small UFOs and a medium to attack it, as a second Robo-47 tries to attack the ones on its fellow robot the large laser ground vehicle fires its laser at the Robo-47 while the Large UFO fires its continuing green beam at the Robo-47 and the Zorgulon draws its hand gun and fires a pulse of energy into him. This causes the Robo-47 to already be at 75% damage but he manages to get to cover in time. As the laser vehicle recharges all 6 Robo-47 fire their cruise missiles into it, but its only 31% damaged and gets back up.

The tanks and helicopters are doing poorly, the UFOs are just to skilled at dodging and aiming. But 75 Harriers arrive to test their maneuverability againced them, buying time for the battle.

The Zorgulon has taken a sharp long metal pipe off a building, he aims for the Robo-47 being attacked by the UFOs, he throws the projectile at it striking it in the main frame, it is impaled, an tries to pule the object out. The little UFOs and the medium ones gain their distance to avoid being hit, and the large ground vehicle fires its laser into it while the Large UFO fires its green energy beam into it and the Zorgulon fires its eye lasers, other smaller UFOs and medium UFOs also fire at the Robo-47. The Robo-47 has taken more then enough damage, it falls onto the street smoldering and chunks falling off, its light then goes out

As the large laser ground vehicle rest to recharge the smaller one charges the Robo-47s, who all launch their second cruise missile at once, 4 shots strike the large vehicle, but the smaller one blocks a shot, and then comes into close quarters with the Robo-47s. It unleashes its lightening attack into one of them, blowing it back, a second one is electrocuted by its shield. One of the Robo-47s is over written by one of the ground solders who takes control with remote, the other 3 head off to engage the larger vehicle with main battle tank harrier and helicopter support.

While the remaining Robo-47 throws rubble and fires bullets at the smaller vehicle, getting its attention, making sure it chaises it as it heads off. The Robo-47 leads it out of the city, and tword the platform that the 2 Raptros had been fed on days before, and as soon as that vehicle steps on it, the solder presses the remote, detonating the explosives still their. The vessel is destroyed.

The Robo-47 then engages the larger vehicle from a distance, locking on as it is about to fire its laser, then firing. By the time the vehicle has laid down to recharge, the missile strikes it, the large vehicle is destroyed. For big threats that just leaves the Zorgulon and the Large UFO. The Robo-47 begins to head over to rejoin the other 3 but the Large UFO is moving to engage him, blocking his path and firing, he attempts to take cover behind buildings coming out to then throw pieces of the building at it.

The Zorgulon is engaged by the remaining 3 Robo-47s, but the first to come tword him by mistake is the heavily wounded one, the Zorgulons ball on chain like robotic melee arms come out and swing at him, dazing him, smacking him from the left, then the right, then uppercutting him, sending him flying. He tries to get up, but cannot.

The Zorgulon Fires its eye lasers at a second Robo-47 but its retractable shield blocks the shot allowing no damage, the second one comes at the Zorgulon extending its retractable hammer but the Zorgulon catches its hammer as a intercept and then draws a 28ft knife with a bright redish purple plasma blade and sticks it into the Robo-47. The first Robo-47 then jumps forth trying to get the Zorgulon with its extended drill but the Zorgulon jumps, then picks him up and throws him into the other Robo-47.

Suddenly their is the sound of a sonic boom approaching the city, 2 objects appear on radar the size of B-52s but flying much faster, the wings occasionally flapping.

The 2 adult Raptros fly in both holding oil trucks in both their hands and in their jaws. They fly up over the top of the Large UFO and throw all 6 of the oil trucks down apon the cockpit of the Large UFO the explosions can be seen for miles, while the Robo-47 next to the large fires its last cruise missile into the large UFO as well, then fires its chest machinegun into it, as the 2 Raptros use their ultimate fire breath on the thing. The large UFO fires 3 blast from its cannon, all 3 shots go clean through the Robo-47 dealing it great damage. The 2 Raptros then land and pick up 4 cars and throw them into the large. Finally, it has had it! It comes crashing down, but it deliberately aims to land on the Robo-47 on the ground, crushing it, finishing it off. The 2 Raptros take the time to feed off the fuel leaking out of the crashed ship.

The 2 remaining Robo-47s are still fighting the Zorgulon, the one tries to take the plasma knife out of its body, but it self destructs exploding with the might of a oil truck. A few blasts from the small UFOs finishes him off. The last Robo-47 attempts to take on the Zorgulon, who stands their gesturing him to make his move. He picks up a parked car and throws it at the Zorgulon, but the Zorgulon catches it and throws it back, hitting the Robo-47. Small UFOs continue to chip away at his health.

Then the 2 Raptros land on the left and the right of the Robo-47. Both of them holding spears that look just like they belong on The Friendly Tiki bulding prop.

Mean while in the Raptros cave the 3 juveniles are engaged in a hot intense battle with a Zorgulon in the dark, the Zorgulon fires its eye lasers at one, but she quickly bolts for cover. A second one fires 3 fire balls into the Zorgulon. The Zorgulon reaches for his gun a juvenile Raptros springs out of cover and sinks her teeth into the Zorgulons wrist. Shaking violently and drawing blood. A second Raptros juvenile picks up a stalagmite and throws it into the Zorgulon like a spear, impealing him through the chest. One of the juveniles picks up the Zorgulons gun it has dropped and fires it into the Zorgulon, the blast of energy pushes it back, as he falls to the floor all 3 Raptros come apon him, they begin biting him, believing that perhaps he is edible they all begin to bite.

The parent Raptros dealing with their Zorgulon problem the female throes her spear first, the male throws his spear right afterwords, the first spear is caught, the second spear goes into the Zorgulon's brain, as he tries to pull it out the female Raptros flies forward retreaving her spear, she thrust it into the Zorgulon's side. The Robo-47 extends his hammer and crashes it down on the Zorgulon's helmet, putting cracks into it. The Robo-47 pulls out the spear and impales the Robo-47, them picking up the female Raptros and throwing her into the Robo-47 and bats away her mate with his melee ball arms. He then runs away as a second Large UFO comes to a extraction point, beaming him up and then flying away. The remaining small UFOs and medium UFOs fly away, the city is 97.98.12% destroyed.

The 2 Raptros begin to fly away home seeing that this battle is apparently over.

1:54 PM the 2 Raptros return to their cave to find all 4 of their hatched children curled up and asleep next to a Zorgulon corpse.

A humming sound approaches the mountain, they look out and see 3 Large UFOs 200 medium UFOs and 2000 small UFOs approaching the cave entry. They had expected the 2 adult Raptros to not be home yet, but the 6 Robo-47s had shortened the fight. The 2 parents throw 2 rocks, destroying 2 small UFOs. They then go inside the cave and at the entry cause a rock slide, the rocks block off the entrance to a point that Congar would take over 8 minuets to get in. They continue to add to the block off for a good 45 minuets, then, they head deeper into the cave, blocking off the entry to the nest with 4 eggs in a way that the aliens won't find the room, then they take the 4 hatched children to the water fall inside the cave for a drink, laying down hear, where the crack in the wall letting in water from the snow outside is only large enough for a fox to fit in, yet enough water works its way through the walls that at the very exit point enough water comes out at a time a Raptros can shower in it. The 2 adults use their fire breath on the water to flash hundreds of gallons into hot steam to make the room more comfortable, they then lay down for a nap, hiding from the aliens, hoping they don't get in.

10:06 PM The Raptros are all snuggled together in the part of the cave with the nest, way in blocked off, air still gets in through the cracks and crevices. The nest is well hidden behind a rock out of the way of the rest of the group in a corner, should anything get in, its not a place easy to think to look, and yet easy to access.

The sounds of the UFOs can be heard by their super mutant power hearing. Hovering around out side, relentlessly looking for a way in. They know this is the place. The Raptros parents have to much at steak to go out to face them, the plan is, when they eventually do get in, the fight will be fought in the caves. All 6 of them will have to do their part, while the eggs stay hidden. Even the youngest hatched child who is not ready to fight, must still be on look out, and face possible threats from small alien ground forces. Or perhaps throw rocks at small UFOs. What ever the little one is capable of.

The group wait for the inevitable, one at a time taking a turn to be awake to stay guard.

8/30/2016 9:54 AM military outpost. Location: Everyone knows where it is but for reasons of protocol we will say it is classified.

The military commander gets a message from one of his reporters. "For reasons unknown the aliens have taken a high interest in this mountain. Perhaps they intend to expand their mining operations due to hostile conflict inspiring them to expand their base building. Shall we engage them?"

The military commander replies: "Not yet, our military vehicle number is currently to low. Lets spend a good 12 hours building more first. Keep the factory going, mean while we shall call reinforcements from what ever countries don't hate us."

10:00 AM at the entrance to the Raptros cave, the aliens have planted a large payload of explosives at the entry. They watch standing by at a distance, and detonate it. A gigantic blue explosion of plasma mixed with gravity field pulse goes off, sending rocks flying, but the entry to the cave is still blocked off from rocks 933ft farther in. A layer remaining radar shows to only be 20ft thick. No problem!

One of the Large UFOs beams down a Zorgulon, who stands near the entry, armor patched up, wounds healed, a rifle looking gun in his hand. Then the Large UFO lands, a giant laser walker vehicle steps out, and then the Large UFO takes off. As the Zorgulon stands by the laser walker steps into the cave, heads over to the blockade, and begins pounding it.

BANG! BANG! BANG! And another BIG BANG! Is heard through out the cave. Then, the walker steps in with ease, the Zorgulon follows closely behind.

The walker scans the ground for heat signatures, scans for vibration in the air, listens intensely for sound, hoping for a way to find the Raptros. It walks deeper into the cave, trying one tunnel to see where it leads.

Suddenly, the walker spots the shadow of a Raptros from around the corner. The shadow looks 50 times bigger, has its wings and arms spread, its teeth bearing, and a Raptros ROOOOAAAAR! Can be heard.

The walker follows the shadow around the corner, and it spots the adult male at a distance, he turns a corner heading into the tunnel after having spotted what he is dealing with. The walker follows and finds a large open cavern, then, the male pops out of cover and shoots 5 fire balls into the walkers shield, the walker then binds its hands into one and fires a laser at him, but he dashes behind a pillar like stone in the ground, the laser soon cuts through but he is shielding him self with a rock, the laser runs out of charge, he is undamaged. The walker rest down to recharge, as it does the Zorgulon comes out to fire his rifle at the Raptros, a acceleration beam is fired at him, but he dashes for cover only receiving a glancing blow.

Mean while the adult female Raptros throws a rock into a stone spike on the ceiling the moment the laser walker rests down, causing it to fall onto it, 32% damage to the walker. The walker then gets up and fires its laser at her as the Zorgulon fires a acceleration beam at her, but she dashes behind a cave pillar, causing the laser to burn through. As it does her mate comes out of cover and throws a rock into the same pillar, causing it to come crashing down. As the walker rests to recharge, the pillar lands on it, penetrating the armor, the walker is destroyed. Out comes the lightening tripod, just as a squadron of UFOs come in as back up. The 3 juvenile Raptros come out of hiding and throw rocks and shoot fire balls at the UFOs, destroying some, keeping their parents covered. The female Raptros flies up to the Zorgulon and grabs him, throwing him into the lightening tripod, the Zorgulon is damaged by its shield while the tripod is damaged by the Zorgulon. The adult male then throws a bolder at the tripod, dealing a bit more damage. Mean while the Zorgulon rises up and fires his acceleration rifle at the adult female, direct hit, he then picks up a rock and throws it into the adult male, then takes cover before their fire balls can hit him, he then comes back out and fires his eye lasers at the male while firing the acceleration rifle at the female. This distraction manages to work well enough for the lightening tripod to get close enough to ZAAZZZAZAZSSAZAP! The male. Seeing he is now out of the way one of the juveniles throws a rock into a ceiling cave spike, it comes crashing down on the lightening tripod, causing it to fall over and stop moving. Mean while the adult female has picked up a stalagmite and she tosses it to the adult male who catches it, she then plucks up a second stalagmite, the 2 double team the Zorgulon, who tries fighting back with his metal gravity melee ball thingies. The 2 begin clubbing the snot out of him, the female dazes him and the male smacks him on the left, his mate smacks him on the right, and the 2 continue at it, mean while 3 shots from small UFOs manage to hit the pair, but their children are doing a great job fighting them off.

Another squadron of UFOs come in, 45 small ones and one medium one, they fire their shots at the 3 juveniles, who respond with fire balls and rocks, but they are starting to take damage.

The Zorgulon, having decided he has taken enough from the 2 Raptros, unleashes a wave of red energy, knocking the 2 back, then firing his acceleration rifle into them. Then fires his eye lasers as they get up and the gun begins to cool down. The male then rushes him, knocking him into a wall where a land slide buries him, he then picks up the Zorgulon's acceleration rifle.

Suddenly, the Lightening Tripod's glass burst open, and out steps a Cerabulon! The angry creature steps toward the children, but the real fight is behind him, the adult male fires the Zorgulon's acceleration rifle into the Cerbulon's back, firing 14 seconds of beam before it over heats, mean while the female picks up another stalagmite and comes in, bashing him in the head then pounding him repeatedly. The Cerabulon picks her up, stabs her 3 times with his claw then throws her at her mate, who side steps and fires his acceleration rifle at him. The cerabulon fires a 5 second beam of red laser from his eye, dealing great damage, then begins firing round laser balls at him. He in return fires the last of the acceleration rifles energy into the cerabulon, after which he throws the gun right into it. The 3 juveniles begin throwing rocks into the cerabulon, the adult female gets up and throws a rock into a ceiling spike which comes down, but the cerabulon side steps, only taking damage from the shrapnel.

The Zorgulon digs him self out of the rockslide, and draws his handgun, firing a pulse of energy into the male, who taking the hit slams into a cave pillar. The cavern begins to shiver and shake, the 5 Raptros involved in the fight imedeantly head deeper into the cave, going into the next room, rocks begin to cave in from the ceiling, at first the Zorgulon and the Cerbulon try to follow, but the cave in seals the cave off, the 2 then begin to head for the way they came in, but it to gets sealed off, they take heavy damage as rocks begin to pour down from the ceiling, rocks and dirt and metal oars, they are nearly buried in it. But then, the cave in stops. The 2 begin working together to try to dig their way back out, first, to make an area where UFOs can fit through, then, they will try to dig their way to the tunnel the Raptros have taken.

12:12PM the Cerabulon and the Zorgulon have dug away enough rock that 50 small UFOs in, they float above and await as the 2 are digging away the way into the next tunnel. Finally, one rock remains before they can look into the other side, and see what goes on in their. The Zorgulon walks over and grabs the rock, pulling on it to have it removed, but the dang thing is stuck tight. He pulls and pulls but it won't move. The Cerabulon comes closer to help, the Zorgulon PUUULLLs! and then just as the Cerabulon comes close enough to reach for the rock, the rock PUSHES forward, the Zorgulon goes flying back 480ft. Spotting the Cerabulon all 5 of the Raptros heads peek through the opening, in 1/34rth a second they react by opening their mouths, all 5 spewing fire through the hole igniting the Cerabulon who screams in agony as he gets lit. The combine fire does great damage, heating up the air around him to the point any rock near him turns red hot, he tries to retreat but he has absorbed most of that blast, he runs off away from the entry way screaming, burning, running. The UFOs try to fire at the 5 through the hole, but they out match it firing all at one target at a time, only 3 shots manage to hit one of the Raptros but already 13 small UFOs have been shot down, the exploded smoldering pieces of the saucers come to rest on the cave floor.

The Zorgulon tries firing his eye lasers at the 5, but they easily out match him with a barrage of fire balls to the helmet. He then approaches the crevices the Raptros are firing at him from intending to smash his way through. As he RAMs into the rocks the 5 Raptros also RAM it at the same time, causing the barricade to give way, he falls right through the wall into where the 5 are separated from the Cerabulon. The cave in causes the barricade to reset its self. The Zorgulon gets up and begins striking a juvenile female Raptros, but from the left and right her brother and sister smack him, she then clams her jaws onto one of his legs, the adult male up front grabs him by the neck, and the adult female from behind clamps her jaws onto the pipe connected into the back of his helmet, and foils her jaws, then yanks, the air compressor hisses as the Zorgulons air rushes out. The Cerabulon mean while can hear the screams of the Zorgulon from inside the cavern, soon the screams come to an end. He decides to turn and go the other way, exiting the caves he gets back into his ship, and flies back to the island base to lick his wounds. This invasion is not going well, as they are now down to 4 Zorgulons and 5 Cerabulons.

The Raptros dig away the rest of the blockade, they get to work carrying all the lose rocks and metal on the floor over to the entrance to the cave and the tunnels that lead to where the Zorgulon now lays.

1:30 PM A squadron of UFOs are patrolling the mountain side, when The adult male Raptros fires at them from a hole in the mountain side just large enough to give him 30% aiming control. A bunch of fireballs strike a UFO causing it to explode. The other UFOs fire at him but they can't easily get a clear shot through the hole. This keeps up for a while.

Chapter 6: Did Someone Order Lunch?

2:26 PM a stealth bomber makes a attempted attack on the UFOs. It comes in and locks onto a UFO and fires a missile. The missile homes in and strikes, a 5000ft EMP pulse wave explosion takes place knocking down 92 small UFOs and 12 medium UFOs. The stealth bomber then tries to retreat but the UFOs fire at it, destroying it in mid air. Thankfully it was just a drone controlled by a laptop miles from the mountain. No additional aircraft come as this was just a test.

The UFOs that crash begin to leak their alien fuel mixed with the rain that begins to pour down, it leaks onto the grass and onto the trees. The plants drink up the fuel, and begin to glow neon green. A mountain goat happens by and begins to eat some of the radioactive grass. Apon eating the grass the goat begins to slowly grow, bigger.... bigger.... bigger.... Soon, the goat reaches 145ft in extra bigness. It ceases to grow any bigger, but still hungry the goat decides it likes the radio active plants. The goat then eats every plant that has soaked up the alien fuel, including entire apple trees that had been growing in the mountains.

Suddenly the small UFOs spot the kaiju goat and decide to shoot at it, spooked and afraid the creature spots a entrance to a cave in the mountain the patrolling UFOs have not spotted, the kaiju goat rushes into the cave to hide, then, turns and knocks some rocks onto the entrance to the cave, keeping the UFOs from getting in. The kaiju goat then heads deeper into the cave, looking for yet a better place to hide. The kaiju goat did not understand why those mean disk shaped things where shooting at it, the kaiju goat did nothing wrong. Its dark in hear, but using its other senses the goat navigates in the cave just fine. Soon the kaiju goat happens apon a cozy part of the cave, it lays down for a nap.

Suddenly, the kaiju goat can hear something moving, looking around all it can see are pairs of neon bright glowing eyes starring right at it. The Raptros family has found the kaiju goat, the creature can hear them making small volume sounds, they sound happy. Suddenly one of them springs its head forward, the kaiju goat can feel strong jaws clamping onto it, can feel sharp teeth sinking into it, the others to begin to bite, one of the pairs of jaws clamp onto its neck, then, things begin to fade out. The kaiju goat stops moving, the Raptros eat their meal.

Chapter 7: Ambush Bombing In The Night.

9:39 PM a second stealth bomber comes in to deal with the UFOs, it locks on and launches a missile. Then another comes in and launches a missile. One by one a total of 35 stealth bombers come in and launch their missiles, which result in thirty five 1840ft wide super EMP pulse explosions, massive ammounts of UFOs come crashing down. Then, a Robo-47 comes and throws a morter shell shaped bomb at a Large UFO, the warhead is centered with a 100% pure plutonium core, around that a layer of dynamite. Around that a layer of solid hydrogen. The casing lithium microwave thermionic. The projectile twice and a half the size of a city bus, slams into the large UFO with a great impact. The Rabo-47 launches its first missile at the Large UFO to insure it goes down, the missile goes into the mushroom cloud and explodes, creating a massive 4530ft wide emp super pulse. Ground anti air vehicles and harriers come in to mop up the rest of them, Firing harpoon anti ship missiles to deal with what ever armor the UFOs may have. One Large UFO is confirmed shot down, one 74.81% damaged, the 3rd 89.42% damaged. The remaining Large UFOs retreat into space to try to get out of range of the military. The Robo-47 arms his second missile aiming at the more heavily damaged Large, this one like the usual except it has 3 and 1/2 the fire power and is for anti armor. The missile fires, homing in on the target, the Large makes it into space but the missile catches up and hits it, causing it to come crashing back down in a city 82 miles from the rest of the action.

Mean while the other shot down UFO is a smoldering wreak, cracked, burning, pieces are coming off. The cockpit opens, instead of a laser walker out comes a gigantic metal ball, which begins to fly away. All ground vehicles fire on it, all harriers fire on it, 340 helicopters show up and fire on it, the Robo-47 fires its last missile and its chest machinegun at it, but nothing has any effect. As its energy fully charges, it takes off at 345040mph A massive sonic boom echoes across the landscape causing solders to lose their hearing for a full 18 minuets, the bombardment causes snow high in the mountains to melt and avalanche, echoing shakes through out the forest, trees are smoldering. Clean up crews clean all the alien radio activity they can find in the night. What UFOs survived have fled, the place becomes silent with no sound remaining but echoes and smoldering forest.

Mean while the Raptros are sleeping through it all just fine. They do wake up from the noise for about 8 minuets and stir excitedly, but they quickly decide it won't do any good to pay it attention and go back to sleep, never fully even waking up to it. Sound asleep they lay the rest of the night, not sure what happened in the slightest.

Chapter 8: Cerabulon VS Goliath-Prime

6:15 AM 8/31/2016

The 2 adult Raptros wake up, and venture out of their cave to look around, see what the situation is. They find no UFOs, just pieces of them scattered around. The rain has put out all the fires and is pouring down even now. Their are human anti air vehicles and tents placed in places, ribbons with nuclear symbols on them. The Large UFO is to big for the humans to move so instead they are just piping the green oozy fuel out of the craft. The Raptros see no reason to wander around out hear, so they head back to their cave to tell their children what they have saw.

With their enemy knowing their home location it is no longer safe for both parents to be gone, one of the adults will have to stay at a time. The adult male takes his turn, spreading his wings and taking to the sky, patrolling the area for a battle to engage in. With out his mate he will only have half the fighting power, and will have to change tactics when he finds one.

Mean while at a city humans are gathered at the crash sight of the other Large UFO. It remains crashed, a press gathered, the town mayor their.

Suddenly a armored vehicle shows up, the military commander shows up.

"Good God people! Get away from that thing! Don't you know what those ships are capable of!"

The Mayor: "Relax general all is under control" he chuckles "What's the worst that can happen?"

In that moment a laser walker steps out.

Military commander: "I would have been hear sooner, but the satiations lately..." he draws a RPG, getting on radio: "I want the whole city evacuated, bring in bombers as soon as the civilians are gone!"

As soon as the walker fires its laser and rest he fires the RPG at it, but it has no effect, he takes cover and reloads.

The walker begins walking tword him.

Military commander: "Yah you think your so tough! have at me!"

A Goliath-Prime is brought in moments latter, the military commander steps inside.

"Their we go, an even fight! Much better!"

The laser walker turns its attention to the Goliath-Prime, it walks closer, then, fires its laser at it, but the Goliath-Prime quickly takes cover behind a building, not taking any damage. The laser walker rest down to recharge, after which the Goliath-Prime comes out and fires its 145mm machineguns at it, the bullets hit hard, dealing it some damage, when the walker then gets back up and fires its laser, the Goliath-Prime takes cover behind a building, which is nearly totaled by the laser. The Goliath-Prime reaches for a oil truck that drives up to it and parks, 2 army men step out and salute, the Goliath-Prime then throws the oil truck into the laser walker, and then throws a grenade into it, then takes cover as the laser walker fires its laser again. As it rest 740 stealth fighters all come by at once firing harpoon anti ship missiles into the thing as the Goliath-Prime fires its cannons. The walker is destroyed, a lightening tripod steps out, the Goliath-Prime picks up a 80ft building, throwing it into the tripod, it then rush attacks crashing into the thing. The tripod comes crashing down, a Cerabulon comes out, the angry Cerabulon rolls behind the Goliath-Prime and latches onto its back where it can't reach, the Goliath-Prime tries but cannot grab or buck it off. The Cerabulon stabs the Goliath-Prime with its long sword like claw, again, and again, the Goliath-Prime is beginning to take damage. The Goliath-Prime rams its back into every building it can, damaging the Cerabulon back. In time, its knocked off, and the Goliath-Prime grabs it and begins punching it in the head. Then it draws a 45ft knife and starts stabbing the creature. Then tosses it, throws a grenade into it, and fires at it with its cannons. Then, the Cerabulons head explodes. Victory.

The area is abandon, nothing left to see, the military clear out.

Then, a smaller Cerabulon steps out, and heads into a abandon wearhouse to hide. 1:22 PM The adult male Raptros spots a helicopter, it fires a flare into the air, then begins to head toward a city. The Raptros follows, the helicopter lands at a dock, a Goliath Prime is being loaded onto a freighter. A clear area is covered in flares, the Raptros lands. 450 dump trucks come and dump live crabs for the Raptros to eat. He goes ahead and begins eating them.

The military commander steps forward, approaching the Raptros.

"You like? we bought them fresh from the fishermen."

The Raptros looks at him a moment, then continues eating.

Military commander: "Where's your friend? we will need all the fire power we can get, pun intended." he steps closer to the Raptros, looking at his teeth. The Raptros doesn't at all seem interested in harming him. "So this is how it works yes? we give you food, you do us no harm. Considering the fight againced the alien invaders you have managed to put up so far, seems like a good deal so far."

The military commander touches the Raptros, the Raptros looks at him a moment, making soft gentle noises.

Military commander: " Not hungry, not dangerous, like my brothers Xwife. When your done with lunch I got a job for you, step onto the air craft carrier when your ready, we will give you a ride so you won't have to tire out your wings flying the whole way. We will make our strike after the Japanese make the first strike. Their is a fleet heading to the main island alien base, their flagship is on radar now. Battleship Miyamoto, as the command of the operation. They will be launching their most powerful weapon.

A submarine lurks beneath the water, in it a Ultra-V rest in the middle of the ship. Attached to him are many pipes connected to a tank of alien fuel nearly twice the size of him. The submarine is computer piloted, and unmanned. On board the Battleship Miyamoto men watch the operation. 「ロボット戦士だろう多く外国人の燃料として我々 それに合うことができます。彼強力になること、今まで彼にそんなエネルギーと。」 says one of the men. 「しかし、そんな燃料彼の制御俺たち、?彼は止められない!」 replies another. But that is answered with ああ、しかし、それは我々 は彼を止めることができない場合、ポイントも外国人。すべての作業を行う彼らは最後まで力を彼彼遠くにいたします。同様に同盟国を愛する私たちのばかばかしい負債と会った後に私たちの艦隊、残りを行います。今、潜水艦が島に近づいた、エイリアンがそれを検出する前にスイッチを入れます。

The alien fuel is put into the Ultra-V until no more can be fit, then, it opens its yellow glowing eyes and looks for a way out. Suddenly, he is ejected from the submarine and into the sea, he activates his jet thrusters and rises to the surface, then, sets foot on the island. As he looks around he sees human sized Zorgulons firing guns at him, alien ground vehicles begin firing a beam at him, UFOs start firing at him, the fight has begun.

Their are many buildings of a arcutecture never before seen on earth, a large section of base is build on and in the mouth of the volcano, turrets everywhere begin firing at him. He draws his sword, and slices through 8 small UFOs, uses his laser on ground forces, picks up a ground vehicle then throws it into a building. As more small UFOs fire at him he fires back at them with his lasers. He extends his hand, grabbing a UFO and uses it as a gun for extra fire power.

As this happens, the Japanese fleets 2 air craft carriers send in 120 jet fighters at assist, shooting at anything that shoots at the Ultra-V. 2:45 PM the Ultra-V is still engaged with the alien base, but is taking heavy damage. 5 Large UFOs move in to engage him, they fire at him. The Ultra-V his sword in hand, at this point to heavily damaged to even stand, fires his lasers at a small UFO destroying it, then extends his hand and grabs another small and throws it into one of the Large UFOs. The ultra-V's robotic voice echoes above the sound of battle 戦士も決してあきらめない As he then suddenly stops moving, his yellow lights go out.

The Japanese ships including the Battleship Miyamoto, 3 destroyers, a frigate, 2 corvettes, and 5 submarines, then begin firing all missiles, cruise missiles, nukes, suffice to air, surface to surface, as well as the battleships 24inch guns. They continue to fire until they reach the shores, where they then drop off 875 main battle tanks, and 7830 infantry forces. 433 helicopters as well join in. Though the base still remains strong and they take fire from human sized Zorgulons, the ground forces fight hard, firing their assault rifles and carbines, they get into close quarters with their katanas and bayonets, throwing grenades and firing RPGs. Mean while the naval fleet begins to fall back, they fire lasers and SAMs as UFOs begin to pursue them.

Chapter 9: Big Base Battle.

3:24 PM The air craft carrier sails closer to the chain of islands, the adult male Raptros on the deck. They spot the Japanese fleet engaged with UFOs. The Raptros takes off, flying into the air after the UFOs, as soon as he is off the ship they begin preparing fighters for launch. Mean while the other 6 air craft carriers already are launching air crafts, they head off to fight the UFOs firing their machineguns at them while trying to lock onto targets. As they engage they fire their shots shooting down 15 UFOs already. Raptros flies in and strikes with his talons, slashing a UFO out of the sky. The air is soon filled with shots from ship anti air weapons, covering the Japanese fleets fall back.

The fleet the Raptros has come in with aside from the 7 air craft carriers includes 2 battleships, 12 cargo freighters, 15 crabbing ships equip with anti air weapons, 8 destroyers, 12 frigates, 5 corvettes, and 25 PT gunboats.

As they pass by the now heavily damaged but no ships lost from it ally fleet they exchange who is engaged with the UFOs.

All the members of the fleet, all air units, all crewmen try to cover a single cargo freighter, 2820ft from bow to stern, on board very special cargo.

Raptros seeing this decides to help with that as well.

The alien base turrets fire at the incoming fleet, a gigantic laser turret fires at one of the battleships sinking it in 15 seconds of fire, the laser then rest to cool and charge for another shot.

Raptros spots it and grabs a medium sized UFO, throwing it at the over sized laser turret, damaging it heavily. The laser turret turns and fires on the Raptros, dealing 31% damage, he drops out of the sky and plummets into the water. Sinking. A battleship launches a cruise missile at it while turning broadside, then firing all 9 of its 14 inch guns, destroying the laser turret. Raptros burst back out of the water, very angry he rushes tword the shore flying above where Japanese infantry and tanks are engaged with over 3000 human sized zorgulon on the ground. He uses his main flame attack, roasting through them.

Raptros lands picking up a alien ground vehicle, and from it fires a beam of energy at small UFOs for about 15 seconds, then throws it into a medium UFO destroying it.

Objective complete as the main cargo ship reaches the shore, 7 Robo-47s and a Goliath Prime come out, they begin to fire on the UFOs.

The rest of the fleet soon comes to shore, landing 1200 main battle tanks, and 4502 infantrymen. 4000 helicopters soon join the battle, firing on the base.

The helicopters switch to only fighting UFOs as the ground forces reach the base and go inside.

8 Large UFOs come to ruin the party, but the naval fleet, the fighter jets, the helicopters, the Raptros, and the robots all fire on one at a time. With their combined fire power they are soon all shot down.

A British fleet arrives, 25 battleships, 40 destroyers, 30 frigates, 20 corvettes, 15 air craft carriers. They to begin to fire on the aliens.

A Brazilian fleet arrives, complete with 50 destroyers, 10 air craft carriers, 30 frigates, and 400 PT gunboats.

With their combined effort they begin to fire at the laser walkers weather or not their shield is down.

Raptros decides they have it from hear and flies away, amongst all the commotion no one even notices.

5:15 PM. At this point all air and ground units recoverable have been brought back onboard ships. The remaining islands and their bases are being bombed by missiles of every kind they have. All remaining UFOs retreat to space, leaving as the islands become a inferno of volcanic eruption from all the bombardment. Soon the military clears out of the area all together. 7:38 PM. A unit of SWAT marines and army solders go into a old abandon warehouse. According to street cameras that is where a run off Cerbulon has gone.

As they go inside the power suddenly shuts off. The group stays together, they see the shadow of the Cerabulon onwards ahead. This is a story for another time and I just want this to finally be over for now. This story would be just as long after all. So with out farther adue....


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