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  • MechanicOrga

    Hello my friends! It's been a while hasn't it? I apologise greatly for my long absence; I have been elsewhere on places like DeviantART and the Colossal Kaiju Combat design forums... ah well. So yeah I might be doing more frequent updates just to assure you guys I'm not dead!

    I'd also like to mention that, considering I'm an artist, I might draw some of your fan-made WotM kaiju and me has! Just ask/comment here and/or on my profile and I'll see what I can do. ;)

    Thank you all for reading, that'll be all!


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  • MechanicOrga

    I created a custom, alternative version of War of the Monsters' Adventure Mode. Please note that none of the information presented is actually existant but more of a personal twist to the original Adventure Mode.

    In great differentiation to the first War of the Monster's Adventure Mode, there is actually more free-roaming and flexibility to the gameplay. In addition to the progression of Adventure Mode the player can also explore the outskirts of cities they get to battle other monsters in on Versus Mode. The outskirts of each arena link to other cities when the player travels from one city to another. The diversity of these large, open areas are based less on combat and more on exploration and   [UNFINISHED]

    There are in fact some notable u…

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  • MechanicOrga

    IMPORTANT Update!

    October 9, 2013 by MechanicOrga

    For those of you who don't know about this, i'm currently getting the grips of Blender, a free downloadable application that allows you to create 3D models like characters, objects, etc. If you have excellent motor skills then you'll have no problems creating high-res meshes for games.

    But to the point: I plan to learn more about Blender. I intend to learn so much of it, that I become an expert! I also intend to learn more about free game-designing software like Unity and UDK (Unreal Engine 3) to hopefully design my own games. You know why? Because I hope that, one day, i'll be able to remake WotM on the Unreal Engine. A high-res remake (or sequel!) of one of my most favourite childhood games! Ambitious, eh?

    Click here to go to an…

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  • MechanicOrga

    Diabllax Idea

    October 1, 2013 by MechanicOrga

    Just an update upon my fan monster, Diabllax!

    So, I thought of a concept where, instead of being a completely unknown boss that "just" appears in Adventure Mode, what if his debut was in an all-new story? Here is a rough concept I sketched up (metaphorically speaking) about this new Adventure Mode:

    It takes place after the events of the first game, soon after you defeat Cerebulon. A sludgy, muccus-like, parasitic creature slithers out the back of Cerebulon's crashed ship. It garbles a bit and slithers off.

    A while later the lead monster encounters a blob-like monster and has to defeat it. The lead monster then realises the whole world is under attack by multiple sludgy, parasitic creatures that are feeding off every living organism. The monst…

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  • MechanicOrga

    Article Format Update

    September 25, 2013 by MechanicOrga

    Hello WOTMites! I-Is that a good term? I heard of Markiplites before... how about WOTMers? aaah we'll see how it goes. Just thought I'd let you know on an update as to my opinion upon article formats.

    I'll start off with saying I consider myself to be a perfectionist and i'm not afraid to admitting that. I love perfecting things to the point they're neat, tidy and accurate; it's just how I am. However, not everybody is a perfectionist, but that doesn't mean they're bad at organising or editing things, does it? The point i'm trying to illustrate is I feel I have been dictating to users on this wiki about how they should lay their own articles out which feature their own fanon content. While I feel my method of cleaning up articles is nice and spi…

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