Just an update upon my fan monster, Diabllax!

So, I thought of a concept where, instead of being a completely unknown boss that "just" appears in Adventure Mode, what if his debut was in an all-new story? Here is a rough concept I sketched up (metaphorically speaking) about this new Adventure Mode:

It takes place after the events of the first game, soon after you defeat Cerebulon. A sludgy, muccus-like, parasitic creature slithers out the back of Cerebulon's crashed ship. It garbles a bit and slithers off.

A while later the lead monster encounters a blob-like monster and has to defeat it. The lead monster then realises the whole world is under attack by multiple sludgy, parasitic creatures that are feeding off every living organism. The monster sets off to travel the whole world, going to cities and destroying the rest of these mysterious parasites. On the journey the lead monster must destroy buildings covered in a raw gooey residue, the same things the parasites are made of. This is not an act of heroism but only to mark the lead monster's domination of the Earth. Some of the blob creatures shapeshift into morbid dopplegangers of monsters like Togera or Magmo clones.

Some of the monsters previously defeated in the first game's Adventure Mode become hosts to the parasite and are infected. Monsters not only have parasitic residue moulded to their exterior but they boast new abilities given to them by the parasites. For instance, Togera being mutated with larger claws, etc. After each infected monster being defeated they resume their original state, joining the lead monster's army against these mysterious, infectious beings.

On their journey they fight a powerful boss battle against Diabllax, who has not only taken over an entire city but IS the city, that's how much mass he has accumilated over consuming the majority of the city's populous.

JUST a brief idea. What do you guys think?