Vegon II is a monster created by DinoHunter2 on DeviantART.

Vegon II
Vegon II is one of the new monsters, is the daughter of the second boss of the original game, Vegon.

Appearance Edit

Needless to say much about the appearance of Vegon II, since it is fully equal to Vegon, but smaller, but bigger than other monsters.


The Daughter of Vegon. Spawned from a dormant bud in the Atomic Island crater, she took form after radiation from Cerebulon's ship jump-started her growth. Now she seeks more so that she can continue growing and reach the same titanic size as her father. For the time being, her lighter form allows her to move around freely.


  • Melee: Vegon II melee attacks, striking with its roots.
  • Ranged attack: Spits exploding spores. Depending on how many mouths are free, she'll alternate between heads each time she spits.
  • Short ranged special attack: Vegon II unleashes a barrier with its many roots coming out from the ground.
  • Long ranged special attack: Plants herself down and forces her vines underground before shooting them up underneath her foes, hitting them hard and throwing them into the air. When facing multiple opponents (and using lock on), at least one vine will strike at each monster. If there is only one monster on the map, all of the vines will hit them at once for greater damage. This attack is very sudden and hard to predict, but can be avoided by jumping or flying. Monsters on top of buildings are safe.
  • Excavate: In place of jumping, she has burrowing. Pressing the jump button will cause her to dig underground, where she can continue moving without fear of attack. While submerged she cannot be targeted by enemies at all. Burrowing constantly drains energy, though, and if she runs out she'll surface, unable to attack. She can surface willingly by pressing the jump button again, or come up violently by using one of the attack buttons.


  • The tallest of the playable monsters. Though large, she lacks the health reserves of sturdier monsters.
  • Though able to move around, she is still rooted to the ground. Vegon II can't jump at all unless she's on a building or other climbable surface.
  • She dashes underground for increased speed, but jumps out to attack (so her charge can still be blocked).
  • Due to her large height, she can use her uppercut to reach powerups that other monsters get by jumping.
  • Uses her side mouths to pick up objects. The top one is always free.


Vegon II skins
  • Original: Original Vegon colours.
  • Skin 2: Tullip. White with pinks details, pink white-detailed flower.
  • Skin 3: Autumn.
  • Skin 4: Desert. Cactus covered by yellow spikes, pink flower.
  • Skin 5: Hydra. Yellow dark striped Hydra, two big claws, many tails/tentacles, eyes with different colors on each head. It has a different roar


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