Platforms: PS3, PS4 Developer: Eat, Sleep, Play Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment America Release: December 2014

War of the Monsters (2014) is a 3D fighting game set in the 

70's and inspired by the giant monster movies of time. It is a reboot of a game of the same name by Incog (now Eat, Sleep, Play) and SCEA (2003). All characters are part of a series of 100 ft. tall monsters, most of which were in the first game. 


Most characters are brought in from the first game, though new monsters and skins were added. The monsters are as follows.

  • Togera
  • Raptros
  • Agamo
  • Ultra-V
  • Magmo
  • Preytor
  • Raptros
  • Zorgulon
  • Congar
  • Kineticlops
  • Robo-47
  • Messor
  • Mordice
  • Skygge


Gameplay remains largely the same with the addition critical mass and the fifth skill skin. This skin is another costume for a monster, but uses different combos and abilities. The skill skins are as follows.

Ultra-V: Darth Vader

Togera: Armadillo

Robo-47: Silon

Magmo: Earth

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