Wulfric is a monster created by DinoHunter2 on DeviantART.

Wulfric is one of the new monsters, is a giant human-like monster, which can be transformed into a werewolf.

Appearance Edit

It is a giant with lots of human appearance, has his mouth and hands stained with blood, hair all over the body, a orange eyes, and wears a loincloth with a pocket full of stones. His werewolf form is like a giant anthropomorphic black wolf with glowing yellow eyes.


Wulfric is the most human-looking of all the monsters, but appearances can be deceiving. During his days as a normal man he was plagued by clinical Lycanthropy, which only amplified when the mutation took place. Now he lives a life of feral cannibalism in the woods and can literally unleash the beast within him.


  • Melee: Wulfric attacks with his fists and headbutts.
    Wulfric 2

    Wulfric in his wolf form

  • Ranged attack: Wulfric throws stones from his pouch in a slow speed.
  • Short ranged special attack: Wulfric is transformed into a werewolf in a very short time, releasing a shockwave caused by a terrible howl.
  • Long ranged special attack: Instead of doing an attack, Wulfric transforms for his special, temporarily doubling in size and becoming a beast. In his beast form, Wulfric moves slower and cannot block, but becomes virtually unstoppable. The wolf form cannot be lifted, pushed, dizzied, countered, or sent flying. It has extremely high health, as well as a slight resistance to environmental hazards and all elements. It can be frozen, cocooned, or impaled, but not petrified or slowed down. The beast form has no basic ranged attack, but can still climb and pick up objects. It does three times as much melee damage as his human form.


  • In his default state, Wulfric has a slight weakness to every element and takes increased damage from fire, ice, and electricity.
  • In his default state, Wulfric gets a small attack boost while using a weapon.
  • One of the smallest monsters in the game. He moves fast, but his range, attack power, and health are all below average.


  • Wulfric skins
    Original: Caucasian giant and black wolf with orange eyes. Normal roar and howl.
  • Skin 2: Wild. Afroamerican giant and ethiopian wolf with red eyes. Normal roar and howl.
  • Skin 3: Ice amazonian. Female giant with white hair and Saber tooth tiger with blue eyes. Female and feline roars.
  • Skin 4: Lab mutant. Giant with scientific rasged clothes with green eyes and mutant fly. Normal roar and Bug screech.


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