Xorvus is a monster created by DinoHunter2 on DeviantART.

Xorvus is one of the new monsters, is a strange looking alien, and the enemy of the Zorgulon race.

Appearance Edit

It's a strange alien with a gray-green color, he has two tails, claws instead of hands, but more destacante of this monster is his face with his set eyes, and long mouth, forming the letter "X".


The scourge of Planet X. Engineered long ago by the same invaders who attacked Earth, he was intended to be the weapon that would end their war with another alien race. Unfortunately for them, he proved too unruly to control and turned on them during the battle. He was sealed away and jettisoned into space, but now his capsule's found it's way to Earth...


  • Melee: Xorvus attacks using its claws, and his two tails.
  • Ranged attack: Shoots energy blasts from his eyes. They alternate each time from left to right.
  • Short ranged special attack: Xorvus creates an explosion around him, like the explosion of his magne-mine.
  • Long ranged special attack: Lobs a silver "magne-mine" orb from his mouth. Meant to be used as a trap rather than a direct attack, it hovers in place wherever it's launched. Passing enemies will trigger it, causing it to pull in everything around it for a few seconds before exploding and dealing heavy damage. This affects objects as well as monsters and can be used to destroy vehicles, items and even powerups. It's short launch range makes it hard to use as a direct attack, but if it does hit another monster instead of the ground it will immediately detonate, having no magnetic effect but dealing the same amount of damage (and potentially hitting Xorvus as well).


  • Has all-around average stats.
  • Picks up most objects by spearing them with his claws, but lifts heavier things (ships, boulders, others monsters) with his tails.
  • Xorvus has no elemental resistances, but feeds on energy. He always takes full damage, but gains energy from all non-physical attacks, including basic ranged, short ranged specials, special attacks, running into electric fences, being shocked in water, and being burnt or set on fire.
  • UFOs will ignore other monsters and attack only Xorvus.


  • Xorvus skins
    Original: Gray-Green with orange eyes.
  • Skin 2: Solar. Orange with Yellow eyes.
  • Skin 3: Magna-Glow. Black covered by green glowing lines and glowing green eyes.
  • Skin 4: High-Tech. Blue skin all covered with armor and mechanic parts, one yellow light in the head, and others two lights in the claws, laser antennas, and chainsaw in the claws and the chest.


  • Xorvus is based on the Guilala from the film The X from Outer Space.
  • His third skin is based on the kaiju from Pacific Rim.
  • His fourth skin is eference to cyborg kaiju in general, but definitely a nod to Gigan in particular.

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