Zorgulon is the mighty alien monster of the original game. Now no longer has his helmet as he adjusted to the earth atmosphere.


Left behind when the alien armada was defeated, Zorgulon found himself stranded on the primitive Terran world the humans called "Earth". Gradually adapting to its atmosphere, he went into hiding, scavenging technology and rebuilding a small fleet of UFOs to serve as his minions. In time he would gather more parts, furthering his goal to construct a tachyon beacon and call his people back for another invasion... but first, he would have to deal with the monsters of Earth.


  • Melee: Zorgulon attacks without using their claws, Attacks hitting with his mechanical decks, while using its claws to grab and throw items/monsters.
  • Ranged attack: Zorgulon shoots lasers from his eyes at a fast speed.
  • Short ranged special attack: Zorgulon loose around him, a  explosive laser shock wave it takes a little work.
  • Long ranged special attack: Zorgulon draws his gun and shoots a satellite to a monster, if the satellite reaches to some, a fleet of UFOs appear to attack for a short time.


  • Zorgulon has no strengths or weaknesses.
  • UFOs will not shoot at Zorgulon.


  • Original: Dark green with khaki details, red eyes, and grey tentacles and brain.
    Zorgulon skins
  • Skin 2: Omicron. Blue with red details with light blue waist, tentacles and brain and green eyes.
  • Skin 3: Parasite. Greenish yellow with spotts, orange details, dark details, spiked shells, bug green eyes, pink brain and bug spiked claws insteand tentacles and mechanicals decks.
  • Skin 4: Cybernetic. Robotic version colour chrome, only three legs, with a Red light in the center of the body, no head, and a green and blue light in the mechanicals decks like extra eyes.


  • He, Slogg and Xorvus are the only monsters that has no weaknesses or advantages.
  • His second skin is based on Metaluna from This Island Earth.
  • His Fourth skin is based on the Tripods fromThe War of the Worlds; and the red, blue and green lights are a nod to the Martian's telescopes and eyes in the 1953 version.

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